Saturday, March 10, 2018

Glimpses of the First Week of March

I am NEVER going to "catch up" if I try to capture each day I've missed. I've decided to let the stories slide for now, some of them may be worked into other posts, and just share some random glimpses of the 1st week in March. 

I've heard we're gaining 5 minutes of light a day. I can actually SEE the mountain at 0600. 

At this point in March we were still having lots of new snow. 

I hosted the inaugural event for Gather Women's Ministry; looking forward to seeing where God takes us this year. 

Benny @ 3 1/2 months 

Winters are great for games....Josiah and Jared join us for this Sunday afternoon. 

Poor Yuuki

Double Monopoly


Nothing like a nice cuppa tea on a snowy Winter day... 

Stacia talked me into making Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Two weeks ago (1 - 10 March), it felt like we were deep in winter.....and now, just two weeks later, we have more light, the roads are melting and it's SPRING....still no buds or tulips, but I'm watching.