Sunday, September 09, 2012

Rainy Air Show

Michael LIVES for Air Shows. I have to admit this was a disappointing day for him, and I felt bad about it.  Saturday was GORGEOUS.....but today was not....

The first two years we were here there were quite a few "big names" at the show...and demo teams etc. Last year many cancelled after the earthquake..... This year was also a slow airshow...lots of wait time between planes....but it WAS a fun day to spend as a family, the Kids and Michael enjoyed their turkey legs (I enjoyed my veggie wrap)....and this was our FIRST EVER AIR SHOW IN THE it will be one that will live in our collective memory.

As always, I enjoy watching the crowd as much as the planes and was thrilled to see these photos.....

Michael did get some shots of the F-22...but I'm not sure which ones are "good" so I'll let him add them later. 

Choosing Joy!
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