Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cramming Every Minute with Fun

It started snowing yesterday, snowed all afternoon, all night and all day today (Friday). We decided to go to the Misawa Citizen's Forestry park..... This turned out to be our first use of the 4 wheel drive on the van.  Here are a few photos and  several videos.
 Josiah and Stacia

Josiah, Jamin and Jared started out on two slides - first time down the hill produces the loudest screams. 

Jared has a most unique technique of climbing the hill

I got the names ALL wrong while taking this video and it's not the best as they came down SO FAST in quick succession...but the final group was priceless.  First Jamin and Jared. Then Arielle zips by and finally Josiah, Michael and STACIA on the front. As they hit the end, she flies off the sled....and Mike and Josiah start scrambling clear of her.

I had to take my gloves off to work the camera.  After this spill Stacia wanted to sit in the van. I was HAPPY to oblige her.

Next we headed for the base to go bowling.  

It was hard to let this day end as we knew it was our last before Josiah and Jamin headed home.  The snow was screaming for a repeat of last year's manly photo. 

Choosing Joy!
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