Saturday, May 06, 2017

What Have They Done - Where is Everyone Else

Stacia passed me over to Krista on Friday. I woke up this morning and I've been in a car - driving, driving, driving. There isn't much to see. I saw the sunrise in Arizona. What is Arizona? Where are they taking me?

There seems to be no end of driving and so I am helpfully reading Krista's texts and briefing her on them. I am glad to be of help to Krista as she finishes her M Div.

What? Where am I?

They've taken me through a border crossing. It was a bit touch and go as I couldn't produce my passport. I will take the 5th from here on out on this part of the story.

Gingerbread Man is now at home in Krista's room in Imuris, Mexico. 

You can follow his adventures by clicking the Gingerbread Competition category in the side bar, or try finding us on Facebook at #FamilyFun. As the winners of the 2016 competition, the girls are hosting me this year! 

Bella's Wheels - Prayer Requests

BreZaak and CoRielle have traded in their cars for ones that are able to haul U-Haul trailers up the AlCan! The #GherkinsAlaskanAdventure is getting closer all the time! 

Bella wasn't sure about the new wheels - but she was fully accepting of the new situation by the end of her first ride. 
Bella - 1 year old 
We do appreciate your continued prayers for this migration. LOL

  • Safe travels for Michael, me and the younger 3 back to OR from CO
  • Michael and I are taking a house-hunting trip to AK on 15 May 
  • Josiah and Jamin will getting on the Ferry on 19 May,  then will drive from Haines, AK to Anchorage. 
  • Continued finances for all 
  • The younger 3 need their passports renewed to travel through Canada - pray they arrive in the predicted 2-3 weeks 
  • Job openings for all (Josiah, Jamin, CoRielle, BreZaak)
  • Timing of our drive up the AlCan
  • Continued health for Bre and Gideon
  • Continued health for all 
  • Future ministry in AK