Sunday, May 09, 2021

Mother's Day - Take 2

 Yes, we DO have one day to celebrate all the holidays each month...but adult Gherkins know they are welcome to drop by whenever they'd like...and we are blessed when they do just that. Scheduling one day makes it easier for those who now have other extended family to coordinate with on holidays. Years of being a military family taught us the date isn't nearly as important as being together to celebrate. During one deployment we saved all birthdays and Christmas until Michael returned - because that is what the kids wanted to do. 

On this Mother's Day (which we celebrated last night) several of the kids dropped by for a relaxed afternoon. It was "practically perfect in every way." 

Any day when a grand stops by to play becomes a perfectly good day! 

Arielle and the boys usually come over on Sunday afternoons. It helps to shorten the time they have alone waiting for Cory to get off work. Sundays seem long. Cy, Carrie and Livie often drop by after their church, as well. 

I'm not sure when this ball game began, but it's been played since Jamin was Benny's age. No broken bones on a trampoline to date. Which honestly surprises me when I hear their childhood stories. 

The snow is off the yard. It's still not green. The trees are putting out tiny buds...soon it will all be green and full.  The "playhouse" has faithfully waited all winter for the kids to come back. 

The family joke is that Uncle Jared is a favorite with the kids because he hasn't learned he can tell them no. It does seem he spent a lot of time last night and today on the trampoline or playing ball with kids. 

The view from my hammock....tiny buds...promises.

The local wisdom says I can plant the garden when the birch leaves are the size of squirrel's ears...not quite yet. 

Back on the trampoline. I believe Benny's love language is time. He went home one day and told his daddy, "Baachan played lots and LOTS of games with me. She loves me - a lot." 

Settling down inside the house....