Wednesday, May 14, 2014

School - Nearing the End

Somehow the older two got a week ahead of the younger we are doubling up this week. Which means next week will be our "last week" of school.....but um....we school year round....We'll spend the summer on math and language arts....and I'll read some books we couldn't fit in earlier.....maybe field trips....

These two dissected a crawdad today. Turns out our specimens are old, VERY old...I need to order another kit - and quick. LOL  We couldn't find the kit while we were in Japan - and we couldn't get anyone to mail us another set. It was too overwhelming to try to explain to Japanese clerks that I wanted specimens......when we unpacked HERE we FOUND a kit...but things are far to petrified to dissect. 
I guess the younger ones and I will finish before these two after all. ::snort:: 
Choosing Joy!
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