Thursday, April 30, 2020


Thursday's mean Bible study (and piano lessons, Japanese and  Life Group, if we can ever meet). This week, in our on-going study of communication/words, we dug into the content of our words. We considered when to hold our tongues, lying, speaking truth in love, gossip and our online voices.  We reasoned in my van surrounded by mountains and the river. This is actually a turn-out near town - no time for grand exploring this week. 

Stacia shared a great illustration as we deliberated the topic of lies. Lies are like dog dung in a manicured yard. Think about it - such a great analogy.  Share the similarities you see in the comments. 

I had Stacia home in time for her piano lesson. Alex is finished with Japanese, Stacia has asked to continue her lessons/tutoring through the summer. Today was her first summer lesson with Kim.

I met a friend at a river at 1 p.m. We hadn't seen each other for 6 or 7 weeks. We sat under the bridge and talked, it's always fun to catch up.

On the drive home, I received a text from Arielle. "I'm gonna find a sidewalk spot for Benny to ride his bike if anyone wants to join...." The boys were at work. Michael was out and about. Krista and Stacia were hiking the Butte with Krista's co-workers.  I am making an effort to get Grandpa outside each day....a drive, the yard...somewhere OUT but not exposed to crowds. This fit the bill. I asked if he was up for a trip to town to play with Benny. Sure thing.

We found rocks....

We had fun re-hiding them...I did bring a couple home. Grandpa hid this one - I thought it was a great spot.
Great rock I wanted to keep - but resisted

Benny appreciated this find. 

Grandpa and Arielle talked. I chased around with Benny. I taught him how to roll down a hill....we did it 3x, resulting in nausea for me the rest of the night. Benny was unscathed.
We arrived home and I was chilled and nauseated. I couldn't face  raw salmon. Michael suggested YOYO (Your On Your Own) or Encore Presentation - LEFTOVERS y'all.  That's what they did. I plopped myself under several layers of quilts and contemplated the wisdom of rolling down hills at this stage in life. 😜 I'll do it all again if given the chance.

I find it hard to accept this is the last day of APRIL. March and April are certainly not what I expected them to be - but are completely what a loving God allowed into our lives for this season.  Earlier this year I felt the word "Pause/Anticipate" for 2020. I couldn't fully figure out what either what have to do with 2020 - I sure understand NOW. LOL

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


 I was out walking and a funny thing happened - I just wanted a new I turned right...I hadn't decided if I would simply walk until I had gone 2 1/2 miles and turn home...or if I'd try to make the big circle home and hope it would be close to 5 miles. I walked until I hit the river.....

I decided to walk along the river until I got to the road that leads home....and realized how long of a climb was in front of me...It was either forge ahead or turn around and go 3 1/2 miles back....7 miles was more than I wanted to walk.

THIS is the moment I wanted to simply sit down and stop. I had climbed up an incline and down to the valley and ahead was nothing but 3/4 a mile of steady incline...

I decided I needed to just keep moving my legs...nothing fancy...just keep moving the legs...and then TWO MOOSE JUMPED DIRECTLY IN THE ROAD IN FRONT OF ME.  I paused and contemplated my options. I could walk ahead and hope to pass them without trouble...I was 3/4 of a mile from home...I could turn down a little road and go about 3 miles and come at home from the other direction. A family in a truck stopped to ask if I needed help getting past them. For some odd reason I told them I was FINE and sounded oh so confident. With nothing left to do, I kept moving my legs and the moose decided I wasn't worth their attention.

I enlisted Stacia and Dad to help replant a couple of blueberry plants and to start more seedlings.  Michael put the finishing touches on a bookshelf he has been building for Jamin - or I think it's the finishing touches.
Dad is happy for the season change

We were just finishing up when two carloads of fun pulled into the driveway.  CoRielle surprised us.
Benny and Yay ya (Stacia)

Benny & Cory 

What a treasure it is for these kids to get to know their great grandpa. 

Cory brought over some great kindling for our campfires. ::wink::
Michael and Cory 
GG and Cory 

 Tis the season...we've decided we DO have a long fall up's just divided by summer. ::snort::  The weather is crisp and cool...and we're already sunburned after the long, dark winter. Sixteen hours of sun is to be celebrated and we spend as much time as possible outside. I was told we are gaining 6 minutes of sun a day.

Anyway - it's spring...even if it feels like fall - and it's asparagus season!

As well as mosquito season - time to get the magnet working for us. 

*Note - if I'm going to keep taking selfies while walking I may want to do something about the bed hair and put on some make up. LOL 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lazy Day

Today's walk ended up here....

I debated all morning...should I walk? My feet hurt...maybe I should do the elliptical and give my feet a rest...but it's such a beautiful day...but I've had 40 oz of water and 16 oz of tea this a.m. so I will have to plan my walk with a pit stop at 2.5 miles....what to do....finally....Stacia said she'd walk with me...the lure of the mountains and the gorgeous weather won out...

We were thrilled to see the buds opening on one tree.....

Sure enough - out and wait...just out....we walked 2 miles....and received a call from Arielle as we walked. Why was NO ONE at home? Huh? It turns out the boys were working, Krista was out and we were walking. Gpa and Michael were napping....evidently. Because she rang the bell, Phoenix chased Kimber around and around the chicken yard and no one came to check on them.....

As we talked, I noted a car that was driving right towards us, not even staying in her own lane....and then we realized it Arielle, Kimber and Benny.  We decided to drive on up to the lake we had hoped to walk too someday.

Gorgeous! Swans! I have been missing Swan Park in Misawa. 

Walking/driving partners
Arielle (Sweet Pea) and Benny, Me, Stacia

Kimber wanted to visit the swans...she pointed on the bank, they didn't come. She jumped in to try to glide on the water like they did...but she wasn't impressed with the cold water.

Back at the house Benny and clan stayed to play for a bit. 

Kimber so wanted in on the fun. 

"Papa, I help!" 

Coming to an understanding with the girls...

Help he did. 

Stacia made a yummy dinner of white chicken enchiladas.....and I hosted a Bible Study Zoom.

We disinfected Baachan's Park and Recreation Zone....ready for the next young visitors.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Summer Break

Today is the first day of summer. No, it's not June's the first day of REAL SUMMER....Summer Break. I need to get some paperwork done, but the kids have their part done.

It was a busy day. I began the day by going to Freddies at 0700. I was shopping for a senior - so I decided I qualify for early shopping.  I needed to get milk back home before Dad woke up and was ready for his cereal. ::snort::   Krista called and asked if I could meet her at Midas. I did a U-turn and headed back to town.

I grabbed a cup of tea, some fruit and headed out for my  walk.....Um all that tea meant I was home at the 3 mile mark for a pit stop.

Michael and Alex were taking this tree down. I loved this tree. When Mom saw a photo she asked me to take a photo of it in each season. It was leaning and had a tire swing on it. I was happy to take photos and send them to her. Unfortunately, I was only able to send her a fall and winter photo before she passed away that December.  Nonetheless, I've marked the season changes with photos of the tree.....but it was leaning more and more and Michael always said it would have to come down...even before we closed on the house. 

Today it came down...and it made me sad...but near the bottom the trunk was hollowing out....and a new little birch tree was entwined with's now standing straight and tall. You can just see it in front of the stump....

The wood is really pretty. Michael has several slabs and chunks drying in a box of shavings...if they don't crack when they dry out....he will make birch bowls and I will attempt some the tree will live on....

Dash was NOT happy with the noise and hid in his log most the day. 

Phoenix (left front) has a hard job trying to keep the girls in line. 

 I headed back out and finished my walk....a total of 5.3 miles today. I do better if I go early and don't need a pit stop. I don't like the out and back route, I like a big circle. LOL 

When I got home Alex and I put together the little shelf/greenhouse. Stacia had planted 72 corn seedlings...because we just don't have a warm enough, long enough growing season if I plant them directly into the ground. 

It was a GORGEOUS day. We sat on the deck and enjoyed it....

Alex sprayed all the play structures, toys, tables and chairs with bleach water....Bre and the kids stopped at Baachan's Park and Recreation Center (trying to come up with a name that will incorporate Papa too - PaBa isn't doing it). 
Bre and Annie

Sweet kids - Gideon and Bella 
 They were happy to be out of their house....we were happy to have them in our yard. 

Auntie, Bella and Annie. 

Krista made dinner tonight. She grilled burgers...and made curly fries in the air fryer.  Tis the season for sun tea....all yummy and all sugar free. Oolong on the left...Green/Mint/Strawberry Pomegranate in the middle and Green/Strawberry Pom/Lemon Zinger on the right.  Spring time is made for flavored water!

I sprayed down the outside again with bleach water....hilarious. Covid hit and I'm bleaching outside. ::snort:: I want a safe play area for the kids, and any other kids that happen by.

Michael and I talked around the fire for an hour, he's going to stay out and watch the fire a bit more. I came in to finish a couple of chores and blog....the garden spot is finally free of snow. It's time to start working out there....

10:25 p.m. - we are up to 16 hours of sun...look what a month can do! 

We plan to thoroughly enjoy our spring, summer break, and summer. I have no clue if we'll be "staying at home" more than we planned on...but in any event we will switch gears to spend as much time as we can outside.