Friday, October 06, 2017

Pizza & Games - We LOVE Fridays!

Friday evenings are bliss!

School is DONE. 

Lately, Saturdays are for work, work, work, as we beat back winter with the sheer magnitude of our "Property Projects."


Years ago, Fridays became Pizza and Movie night. We made pizza in San Angelo and Japan, we moved to using Papa Murphy's at Beale....and now, in  my ever growing effort to tame the grocery budget, we are back to homemade pizza. The afternoon is not QUITE the rest it used to be. 🐽 I have several pizza dough recipes....EASY FREEZEABLE Pizza Dough has long been a lifesaver. I can make and pre-bake pizza crusts, and just pull them out when we are tired on Friday afternoons.  I have no clue why - but the recipe is failing me now.!!!! I need a mallet to force it into shape, rather than my trusty rolling pin! Could buying flour rather than milling fresh wheat be the problem? Or maybe the yeast is dead? The dough has tasted fine, the kids enjoy making individual pizzas....I tend to make a large one to get them started, and while they eat that, their individual ones bake.

We settled in for games.....we seem to do Pizza and Games much more than Pizza and Movies. 

Having the fire right by the kitchen tables adds a cozy element to game nights and dinners. I wonder if I could make fire baked pizza on or in the wood stove? Hmmmm....