Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas School

True Confession:

The first week of December school didn't go real well with the younger set due to the Nutcracker.

The second week of December school didn't go real well with the younger set due to my illness. They did independent work but we've not touched Tapestry. This really isn't terrible...but I'd like them to do a bit more than math and language arts for the month.

The third week of December is going to be filled with two co-op orders, shopping, squadron parties and preparing for BreAnne and David's arrival.....and so in an effort to redeem a "bit" of the month I went looking for some Christmas lapbooks we could work on this week. I went to Beth's site Homeschooling 4 Free. I have printed out two copies of this darling Nativity lapbook, I envision Stacia and Zander working on it. I found this Nativity Lapbook for the older children, I envision Nolan and Arielle working on it.

The high school men have carried on all they handle an honors load of classes in the midst of this craziness I cannot begin to fathom.

©2008 D.R.G.


One of our babies will be home in F**I*V*E* days. I really need to get those individual shopping days in this week. ::snort:: Nolan went out with Mike. Josiah doesn't need to go shopping with Mom any longer. I have five kids to take out in five days. Oy boy... The number of the day is FIVE - BreAnne will be home in FIVE days.

Go here Jamin's article on Wreaths Across America in our local paper. I'm wondering why the editor can't seem to spell his last name's been different on each article but they insist on putting "Rs" where no "Rs" should ever go. ::snort::

I'm home coughing and addressing Christmas letters. Those of you who receive them - beware. Use antibacterial wash after opening them. I've licked and handled each one. Of course, by the time they reach you those germs will have died and they will have picked up news ones along the way. LOL I ran out of cards and had to order more.....I'm remembering now the ever-growing list....we move a lot. I'll post the letter here when I hear that people have started to receive them in the mail. It wouldn't be any fun for them to read it here before they get the mail....and we are trying to marry "snail mail" with "technology". ::snort:: If you get a letter will you let me know that they've arrived and I'll post the letter here? Mike suggests I could have scanned the card and uploaded it here as well....but that would be a bit wild.....where is the balance between personal and convenience?

Krista will be home in N*I*N*E this month is going as fast as all the others in 2008 have gone. Why is that?

©2008 D.R.G.