Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Half Way Wednesday!

We LOVE to get Wednesdays behind us. Wednesday marks the 1/2 point of the school week. We spend 2.5 hours online with Japanese classes on Wed. Wednesday is sewing club. We always love to have school done on Wednesday! It's been hard to stay focused with such beautiful fall days and the hint of winter to come in the air. 

Stacia cut out her project for sewing club today. We seem to have lost the part for the waistband/elastic. Ooops. 

We took advantage of the nice day to grab Arielle for a walk to the mail box...7 mile down....

.7 mile back.

After dinner we played Farkle. Izaak works evenings and Bre and the kids usually stop by for a bit of a visit each night. We introduced Bre to Farkle and Bella was an enthusiastic score keeper. 

The last thing on today's agenda is to move the wood stove to the place the installer wishes. 

We'll have wood heat by tomorrow night.....