Thursday, January 25, 2007


This week has sped by and since Friday is always busy....whew! A few more weeks like this and March will be here.

We did school.

I got TWO work outs in today. A 40 minute Step into Fitness and a 30 minute walk....

I fixed the sink - I think.

We ran the boys to their Thursday ministry.

We met some friends at the park. We were visiting and watching children go down the big slide at the park. Yvonne, Adrienne and Tricia were at the park too. We watched....Cobe, Caeden, Zander, Nolan, Stacia....WHAT STACIA? Yep - she climbed to the top of the big slide and went down...and loved it. I was terrified she was going to pop over the side before I reached her. And....when I was pushing her in the swing, she slid under the chain....I guess I can add two sprints to my workout. ::snort::

I wrote the newsletter for Produce co-op. I went searching blogs for produce recipes...ya'll have disappointed me. ::snort:: C'mon, see if you can post lots of great and HEALTHY produce recipes before next Thursday, Ok?

We had a pasta extravaganza for dinner. Got my grains in...well 1 serving anyway. I did get 6 servings of produce in...had hoped to get 7 and begin working towards that 10 - 12 mark. At this point I may have to settle for 2 C salads at lunch and dinner and a fruit breakfast...because I continue to be nauseating stuffed!

I have decided to go ahead and attend the Weight Management class at the base (as of today anyway). It's 6 weeks. I figure even if I don't agree with everything the nutritional info is always good to hear....and the weekly class may help me to keep eating breakfast as I know Debbie wrote that down as a MORE FOOD! ::snort:: I've stayed away from Weight Watchers etc because I don't have the TIME to go to a weekly meeting...but this has a short time period and if I find I can work it in...maybe I can look for something else when I'm done....and if it is as hectic as I expect, "it's only for 6 weeks"....and it's FREE. And Debbie is a R. D. or some such thing....and she likes omegas, whole grains and produce. LOL

Stacia's View of Parenting

First you Kiss Em...

Then you Swing Em...


Ok, I confess. I'm gullible. I thought Jodi was serious about the Duct Tape. I tried it and it didn't help at all. ::snort:: In my defense, we recently moved from Alaska where there are yearly stories of hunters/hikers taping themselves together after bear attacks. Duct tape can fix ANYTHING - except, evidently MY SINK!

However, the project is done and seems to be holding. I took it all apart and found the compression ring. The two pipes had come disconnected. I put the compression ring back in, tightened it as tight as I could, and then put Duct Tape on a small crack further down that I noticed while fixing the top section. All in all it saved $60. I've been to nervous to put things back under the sink...but it seems to be holding.

I have a sweet husband who called me long-distance and talked me through each step of the project!


How can I turn 43 and say I'm 44? It's my upbringing and it's given Mike no ends of headaches, because he doesn't like aging two years at once. LOL

In the Philippines (at least the barios we lived in in Southern Mindanao) you are "runnning" your age. On your first birthday you ARE one year old but it IS the start of your second year....and when asked you either say "2" or "running 2" - which means you are living or running your second year....and since the "running" is's often shortened so when someone would say, "how old is your one year old?" Instead of running 2, you'd simply answer, "2."

I AM 43 - but this IS the start of my 44th year.... The trouble comes when I forget - as I usually do until about November (Mike's birthday) - and think I'm the bigger number. Mike is faithful to correct me everytime he hears me give out the wrong age. LOL

Also in the PI - on your birthday YOU throw the party in celebration and thankfulness of YOUR life - your friends come to your home but you give them gifts and you handle the expense etc. A bit less self centered than what I've observed in America...but I'm learning the American ways. ::snort::

They also often wake you in the a.m. singing outside your window.