Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family Night

Arielle asked if we could do s'mores tonight. We had a casual dinner and enjoyed sitting around the charcoal talking  (NO OPEN FIRE - FULL BUCKET OF WATER NEARBY AND DOUSED THE COALS WHEN DONE). The weather cooperated by cooling down.....
Stacia serenaded us while we waited....

Arielle chose this evening to share deep thoughts with us......the top of Michael's head looks like the batman logo.....

Michael was appreciative of this observation. 

Now, I need to go pack for tomorrow. With this job looming, I realize a great perk to full time RVing....I won't have to PACK before we TRAVEL.

She's Really Moving Out

I made a deliberate choice to wear waterproof mascara. Today is the last day of summer PWOC - which means it really is my last PWOC Bible study (though I do have one more mentor group meeting)..... It was a sweet time this a.m. and I didn't even cry as we prayed, or when I was asked about Arielle.

Back at home Michael and the kids had moved stacks of boxes to the garage in staging areas. I feel much better about the house without towers of boxes everywhere.

Nolan and Arielle got another year of school books sorted through.

We delivered Yuuki to the kennel. Arielle wanted two shelves from our room and in the process of moving them, I found this picture.  It was taken at a Mother Daughter Tea at Elmendorf....and I was instantly back to those days with all three girls at home....the time has gone in a blink of an eye...and that littlest sister is moving out.

I was immediately filled with a sense of gratitude God blessed us with "one more girl" and she promises me that she will "NEVER leave you and Dad."  The tears started....but I need to press on....
This girl is ready to press on
 Arielle warmed my heart and made me laugh. I had stashed my wedding veil (which the girls have used for dress up for the past two years) into the donation box.  I found it in one of her boxes - she said she wanted it. O.K.  This is the back of the van - with seats out......
And THIS is all the stuff that still needs to go in. 

The older two are about to begin Japanese lessons. We still need to pack for our trip to OR and we need to run to a store to buy a couple of things - which we may do in Eugene. We shall see. It's going to be a long night.