Sunday, June 03, 2007

Storm Sirens...

Lived her two years and have never had them do THIS during a storm.....though they test them on the 1st of every month at noon.

Anyway - I'm supposed to be grabbing the children and heading up to chapel...but they are sounding sirens and saying grapefruit size hail and 70 mph winds at 5:30....right when I need to be driving. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I really don't know what they expect you to do when the sirens blow. I suppose I should check and see if it has significance beyond warning you that a "nasty storm" is on its way.

Happy TWENTIETH Birthday to Krista!

Wow - this is the BITTER SWEET phase of parenting.....seeing them do so well out on their own but wishing we could be with them for every celebration and down day. ::snort::

20! What a wonderful woman of God Krista has become! She taught us SO much about parenting, life, schooling......and Krista has such a gift of's amazing.

Happy birthday, Babe.


OK - Kristine showed me how to do this with the Pray for Heather picture. Since Jamie asked how, I went and played with the html code and I can't get the summer one to link. Will someone who has linked the GRAPHIC share step by step instructions as to how you did it. When I tried my code/title was too long to fit in the title I was going to change the title of the post but then I wondered if it would break the link that some of you have already set.

NOW - Jamie - what I did was upload the graphic in blogger as a photo. THEN I went to the template section and clicked "link list". I right clicked on the time stamp of the SRC official post, clicked properties, copied that code into the link list at blogger and titled it "intro/rules whatever". Directly under THAT I did the same thing with my post that has my reading list. SO...if you click on the graphic in my sidebar you go no where....but the links are directly under it for you to click on.

WHO linked the graphic? Tell me how. Maybe you can share the code in the comment section for all of us, oh wise, wise, techie one. ::snort::