Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jamin's writing

Jamin has posted part 3 of Unkoostika on his blog. You can read it here. A warning this story is NOT one that you want young children reading without first reading it yourself. Sorry. I hadn't a clue.

Last night at dinner Mike and the boys were talking about part 2 and goosebumps....I read part 2 and he posted part 3 this a.m. I'm not sure where he gets these ideas. He doesn't watch TV or anything over a PG at the movies.....anyway it isn't overly graphic but it does have a bit of a scare to it in part 2.

He says next week's story will be about mall shoppers. ::snort:: I guess I really don't need to worry about writing for this one. I wonder if I should continue to require him to do TOG writing. I figured it would make sure he was well-rounded and not just writing novels/short stories. What do you all think?

Also - how do I go about making sure no one lifts stories from his blog?


I know this is not a good photo, but I was in the throes of produce co-op when this happened.

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The younger ones do NOT remember TX at all. They remember AK. We did not have near the creepy crawlies in AK that we have in TX.

They finally caught a lizard. First, they were mortified that his tail came off. I explained that it would grow back. I was really shocked they caught one. They were going to feed it crickets, we were headed to the pet store and noted that something was wrong with their little lizzard. It died. Next, they had a ceremony and buried it. THEN, they found it gone and a bird feather nearby. They are sure a bird ate it. I told them that maybe it wasn't dead and moved. They are sad.