Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another Day?

I still am housebound due to the tire issue. We are hoping to have a new one tomorrow.

I took the opportunity of being housebound to do some housework.

I composed the Protestant News.

Akiko had invited us to go to the shrine with her on New Years'. Times conflicted with taking the girls to the airport. We rescheduled for today. When I explained the tire situation, she suggested that she come here and we could talk about Japanese Culture. How often do you get the opportunity to visit a foreign country and visit with a local who is willing to answer your questions and teach you about her culture? We spent 2 1/2 hours visiting. Because it was in a context where we were mutually sharing, and SHE brought up topics, we were able to ask and discover things we would have considered impolite to bring up otherwise. I'm processing. It was enligthening. God is working.

Akiko gave us the names of some of her favorite restaurants and spots that she thinks are worth visiting with the boys.

We had dinner. Some played games. I responded to several PWOC emails. It's fun to start to hear from various Presidents around our region. I'm praying about the spring travel schedule and how it will mesh with Mike's deployment.

Mike got his official tasking. We know WHERE his combat training will be, but still not when. He'll be out of here well before Easter. Unfortunately, we'd thought his training would be in San Antonio - but it will be in NJ.....guess he won't be visiting the boys.

Bed time.
Choosing Joy!
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