Saturday, April 28, 2018

This Week in Review

  • Michael had his two normal appointments
  • Michael was evaluated by a therapist certified in LSVT BIG - and accepted into the program. More on that later - maybe. 
  • Kids worked on school - this is our last week 
  • Arielle found the flag from the front of the house while out walking - it's been gone awhile 
  • I released my wifely wolverine (similar to mama bear) and began conversing with members of his care team about Michael's care schedule. More on that later - maybe. There are some things which simply must be done. We found one thing to put on hold (2 appointments a week). It's a start. 
  • Michael and I attended the Alaska Ministry Network Missionary Banquet (Assembly of God)
At the banquet we enjoyed the table fellowship and hearing a bit from Torrey Martin. Torrey is a comedian, writer, actor... The Wooten character in Adventures In Odyssey is based on him, and he wrote for them for a bit of time. 
Michael, myself and Torrey Martin 

  • AT HOME DAY  - yay. Incredibly windy! 
Blown head over head by the boys' window

Blowing up and down the length of the deck - sideways - with the wheels locked.

  • Michael worked in the garage on the chicken coop - Alex & I helped. 

  • I canned beef and chicken  and worked with kids on school
Beef, Taco meat and chicken

  • Chicks continue to grow
Nearly 2 weeks 

Everyone likes the chickens
  • Planted more seeds
  • Trees move inside - home looks like Jumanji
  • Video of Monday/Tuesday....the one where I pick up a drill and Wibbly Wobbly Construction is born. ::snort::  

  • No women's Bible Study due to Alaska Ministry Network Conference

  • Michael had an appointment
  • The kids had Japanese lessons
  • Picked up more lumber
  • Michael attended the Alaska Ministry Network Conference Men's Ministry Luncheon 
  • I attended the Alaska Ministry Network Conference Women's Ministry Luncheon
  • No Youth Group due to Alaska Ministry Conference

  • Michael and I spent the day at the 2018 IDEA Curriculum Fair in Anchorage  - all day. 
  • A video of of lazy evening - chicks , family, compost, Benny belly laughs.... 

  • Stacia makes an End of the Year Cake

  • No Life Group at our home due to the Alaska Ministry Network Conference

  • Michael had two appointments 
  • We celebrated the last day of school for the year AND Nolan's last day of High School

Michael proofing the last essay
  • BreZaak and kids joined us at Dairy Queen to celebrate Nolan's last day of High School 
  • We told Nolan we had to get wood shavings for the chicks at Walmart. The movie theater is next to Walmart. We totally surprised him and met Josiah, Jamin and JaRissa there to watch Infinity Wars. 
  • Here's a video on our You Tube Channel about Nolan's surprise and the Last Day of School. I must say - it's hard to believe that little 5 yr old boy with the giant, green eyes is finished with high school. I BLINKED AGAIN!!!!
  • The chicks are 2 weeks old - here's a video for a couple of days ago. They grow a LOT - EVERY day. 
  • I finally decided not to move and to ice my back - hurt it on Tuesday afternoon
  • Michael and the boys finished a lot of work on the Chicken Coop.  We need a day without rain and a bit of time....and we'll have a chicken coop. Here's a video of some of the building....

  • Planted watermelon seeds

There are other highlights, but they are stories belonging to others to tell. The other thing of note for ME to share is the wildlife in the area....the birds are back....we can add porcupine to the list of rodents, fox, hawk, owl, moose......

Doesn't she look like she is scowling?