Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Insanity...some thoughts! ::grin::

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

This is a familiar quote. In January my dietitian shared it with me. It's big at Curves. It has applications to all of life. Great quote. I'm in a quandary. I've not decided what I will do about my quandary.

January 2007 I had been stuck at 160 forever (OK just since having Stacia but it FELT like forever since weight usually comes off in 6 months for me). I went to see the dietitian on base because of my high cholesterol numbers and she suggested I eat more (up to at least 1200 calories) and eat lots of produce and fiber. She also told me that I AM older and DO have a thyroid disease and so we need to focus on a healthy metabolism and expect slow weight loss. Get those cholesterol numbers down. I attended her class. I began to lose weight. I was doing a 45 min step routine 5 days a week and a bike ride the other two days.

February 2007 - The exercise physiologist on base suggests that a "curves type" circuit training is the very BEST workout for women trying to lose weight. It protects your metabolism by building muscle and strength while you lose weight. It is also a cardio workout. I now weigh 145. I sign up. Curves says I should be eating 1600 calories a day. Debbie, the dietitian, says 1200 - 1400 a day is fine with all the produce I eat - as long as I'm still losing weight I know my metabolism has not been compromised.

March 2007 - Mike returns home. I now weigh 139. I get pregnant....I still work out but really struggle to eat. I gain up to 148 by the time I have 2 months off exercise and miscarry.

June 2007 - I'm back to Curves. I'm eating again. I'm at 142 and we go on vacation...for nearly 6 weeks - no exercising and road food...but lots of fun!

July 2007 - Back home - working out 5 times a week at Curves. I'm now 148 after the trip. I'm stuck.

August 2007 - Still eating 1200 calories, adjust workout to 3 x a week and add 2 step workouts back...gain to 150. I'd say I'm still stuck and I'm still doing 10 - 13 servings of protein a day at 1200 calories. Is this insanity?

September 2007 - Curves 6 week eating solution - First two weeks - they say 1200 calories but WOW - lots of protein. I try. I go from 149 - 147 the first week. Still eating 1200 calories and such - trying desperately to take vitamins, add protein, count fiber, carbs et al.

October 2007 - Enter phase 2 of Curves - calories up to 1600 and protein up to 120 g a day (about 6 chicken breasts). I'm on the high carb plan - those on high protein are happily eating MORE than 120 grams of protein a day. I'm eating cheese, eggs, beans, nuts etc to try to get the protein. I'm staying the same. I'm told "eat more protein", "don't worry about the fat", "eat less produce". I try. I weigh today - I'm 150!

A few thoughts: I weigh more NOW than I did when I joined Curves or when I began this "weight loss solution" 3 weeks ago. ::snort:: I understand that since I'd been stuck at 1200 calories that is a sign that my metabolism has adjusted to 1200 calories. I know that Debbie had talked about adding calories when that happened. I'm content to continue on another month at this program and see what happens - I guess. Curves has a plan to raise your metabolism and I think that is where I should have begun and not at the start of their solution since I've been really eating at their "phase one" since January.

For those who are new to my ramblings...I STRUGGLED to eat 1200 calories. I had been eating about 800 a day. I know that I need to eat more. The problem is with this weight loss solution,
I feel MISERABLE. All this extra food, protein, calcium, vitamins and calcium supplements, less produce has me feeling bloated, sluggish, and constipated....and 3 lbs heavier than when I was stuck on the 1200 calorie plan. I read the Curves book and it says that when you are building metabolism you let yourself eat the higher calories, gain up to three pounds and then go back to 1200 long enough to lose them and it takes longer and longer to reach those 3 pounds of gain as your metabolism adjusts to the new calories you are giving it. When you eat the higher calories for a month, without gaining, you know that you've raised your metabolism to that new level. THEN you can begin dieiting again to lose the weight. I'm giving you the digest version of this. It makes sense. It agrees with what Debbie and Gary at the base said.

Here's the thing - I feel SICK with all these supplements and protein and such in my system. I'm not sure if I should stick with this another 3 weeks and see if things settle down and I adjust to this....or throw it all out the window.

I understand and agree with the Curves circuit training in principle but obviously I was losing weight much quicker and steadier when I did aerobics 5 days a week. BUT building muscles is what Gary and Debbie said would help my here I am. I'm not sure what to do....

I'm thinking of taking this all in and visiting with Debbie, the base dietitian, again. This seems like a lot of protein....and I can't help but wonder what happens with my cholesterol now that I'm eating less produce and more fat. KWIM? Debbie, had said that a woman only needed 24 - 42 grams of protein a day - Curves has me at 120 and that's lower than the "high protein" plan for carb addicts. I've NEVER been able to make the 120 grams in a day. I think my top day was 40 some grams. At Curves I'm encouraged to stick with it. I'm told dieting won't work (which I believe). I'm told insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results....but I'm thinking this Curves eating thing is wreaking havoc with my system and isn't working is it realistic to give it 3 more weeks....or insanity to give it 3 more weeks?

Yes, I'm a teacher by gift and nature. That translates to a person that wants the facts. I've done the research. I've asked questions. I'm not sure that the trainer at Curves is seeing the total picture - in other words I do have other health issues too and I'm not sure that she knows what else to offer me than to say "keep eating this way and eventually it will work"....but I am concerned about MORE than just the stubborn weight...I'm concerned about my blood pressure has spiked a few times in the last 3 weeks...I need to keep my metabolism revved up (which IS what Curves is ALL about). I'm simply not feeling good eating this way. Debbie has more education. I believe she can look at more options than just the one she's been trained to teach. I don't know what I'm saying. I'm not sure what to do.

Curves now has food products out that are low carb, high fiber, high protein....the ceral has TBHQ in it and the granola bars have ethanol in them. This is strange to me as all their literature promotes lean protein, whole grains, produce and bioavailable vitamins and such. I plan to write them. ::snort::

Mike says I need to start running with him. ARGH. THEN I'd have joint issues too. Suggestions?
Tuesday Camp Photos

It's not ALL sports and such - I'm noting that Jamin looks exhausted and it's only Tuesday
Throw it, throw it, Jared! Cy bets that Jared is trash talking... LOL I like how they post photos nightly on their website of the day! I can't wait to hear all the boys are learning, thinking, and experiencing.