Sunday, August 05, 2007


I SWORE last time I defrosted the beast that we'd buy a new one before I did it again.....but I'm not sure we will.... We've begun to look at freezers. We've always had a chest freezer (21 cu ft) until we bought this one used. It's about 16 cu ft and isn't big enough. But I LOVE being able to get things out of the freezer without leaning over the edge and needing to be pulled out by my ankles.

We aren't 100% sure which type to get. Chest (energy efficient) or Upright (MUCH easier for a short woman and children to use).

At Sears the gentlemen tried to talk me OUT of buying a freezer. He told me that no one buys them any longer. He told me that folks only buy enough groceries to make it to the next week. He tried to sell me a HUGE computerized $2000 fridge. I told HIM that I already OWN two fridges and need a FREEZER. The biggest they had was a 19.5 chest or a 20 upright.

The chest freezer had a new selling point. It is full of these plastic compartments and baskets. Does anyone else have one like this? Does the plastic last? Does it make it a LOT easier to use a chest freezer? I really did have trouble with the 21 cu feet chest freezer.
But the real selling point... is that this particular freezer comes with a few ounces of organic meat....
Family Fun Gone Awry Part 2.

Quote of the Day: "If a man's nose runs, he just sucks it all back up and the snot goes into his brain. A man's brain is filled with snot." ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::gag:: Michael informs me that Zander is not the best spokesmen men have ever had.
Fully drugged, I went through Sunday. Migraine is now at a dull roar.
10:45 - Traditional Service and Fellowship
12:30 - 1:30 - Lunch at BK
1:45 - Gospel Service
4:00 - home and ready to head to Neon Jungle and then Coldstone for some family fun
4:25 - Michael is called to the base for an "emergency"
(We may never get the older two young men coordinated with Michael's time off. ::snort::)
Michael told me to go ahead and take the kids golfing and he'd catch up with us.
Neon Jungle...
Zander's unique golfing stance

Walking the mall - went to check out freezers at SearsColdstone...

Home to play Lord of the Ring Trivia on the big screen....
Michael just called and is heading home. My computer is still not THIS computer's delete key has worn out. ::snort::