Friday, May 25, 2018

A Full Friday appointments, no school and lots of projects.

Every day begins and ends with a visit to the Chicken Fortress, or Tajmachicken, as Michael calls it.

Motivated by the bread success at homestead club and by the fact I've not gone grocery shopping since our return, I baked a couple of loaves of bread  before breakfast.

The next project Michael has queued is a "moose fence" for the front yard, in order to plant the fruit trees currently on the deck. The fence is laid out. The supplies are in hand.  Unfortunately, a big Birch tree in the front will have to come down to build the fence. The electric company has an easement and has already shown, as well as communicated, they will cut down trees at any time. The trees were planted with the easement in mind by the first owners - but the foliage has encroached on the easement. They topped the evergreens this year and said they'll be back in 3 - 5 years to take them out. They are eyeing a couple of Birch, which aren't on the easement but they volunteered to remove as they could be dangerous.  I LOVE the green curtain that shields us from the road....and the birds that visit the tree. I like to sit in the nook and watch them. The birch is split,  MEA has their eye on it.....if we leave it - it will be coming down into our fruit orchard. Today, it comes out.

The big part is already out in this photo

Stacia and I visited the wooded area of our yard. We've not been out there since it was green. It's a new world. I took videos but not photos....though here is one. We set on a fallen tree and talked about putting some benches, maybe a table out here.  It's good to be home in Alaska.

We ended the afternoon making homemade pizza... It was nice having the pizza sauce, burger and chicken already cooked and canned. We also harvested a cup of basil from my window garden and made vegan/no oil pesto.  We had a heavy meat lovers, a Hawaiin, and I made a small pesto/veggie pizza.

Michael fell asleep.

The kids and I began watching Father Brown.

I woke up on the couch the next morning.