Saturday, September 02, 2023

Fall @ Pyrah's Farm

If we knew this would be one of our last outings with Josiah, would we have done anything different? The only thing I can think of is we would have dragged all those who had other things to do that beautiful, sunny Saturday along with us.  When I look back at this day from today (Nov 15th) knowing Josiah would be shot and killed in October, I see such an example of who Josiah was in our lives. He was unassuming, gentle and humble. He's checking on sisters, helping with others' young ones, cutting up apples and making sure everyone has some, spending time with Carrie and Liv...he even went to intervene for a little gal being poorly treated by an older sibling.  I'm so thankful we had this day together. Good job, Arielle. Thanks for orchestrating the outing. 

Josiah and Arielle

When Arielle and I took the boys to a Field Trip at the Farm, we realized we enjoyed all the fun of the Fall Festival without the crowds and vendors, or the expense. She decided to ask everyone if they'd like to meet at the far some Saturday.  All agreed - the farm without the crowds sounded great. Bre brought popcorn, Arielle and I brought apples and there was caramel, MnMs and such in which to roll apple slices. 

We've come out to the farm with CyRi for the past 3 or 4 years. THIS year Carrie had newly announced her pregnancy. 

Arielle was also pregnant - but at this point we were still not public with the fact! I promised not to post this photo until she was public with the pregnancy. I didn't think it would be quite THIS long. 
Carrie and Arielle and babies


We didn't have hayrides, but many of the other play structures and such were up on Saturday. 

Charles and Danny

Feeding the goats
Charles, Bella and Bachan

Cory and Danny 

Benny loves Mario. 

Bella and Annie

Nine of our twelve grandblessings were at the farm. Trudy is not in this photo. 
Charles, Liv and Annie on top 
Gideon, Danny, Bella, Benny, Jojo inside 

Jojo - Bre and Izaak's Josiah

Livie (CyRi's) and Bella (BreZaak's)

We gathered for snacks. Jojo and Stacia enjoy their popcorn. 


Such fun - Bella and Charles

Danny LOVES golf!  House rules. 

Uncle Josiah with Charles

Krista and Luke on the obstacle course

Josiah and Charles....

Climbing web structure

Cutting our apples and prepping the toppings...

Aunt Krista and Livie on  - whatever this pad is...We were happy they had up all the bouncy things. 

I still think Michael needs to make us one of these slides and tunnels....and a zip line! 
Krista and Stacia

Bre and four of her children. Trudy was sleeping in the stroller. 

Cory about to get Charles' attention. 


Go, Danny! 

Liv's a pro. 

Krista checked the website before they came. There was nothing on it about not bringing dogs. We'd seen dogs at the farm before. Reno was satisfied to pull kids in the wagon. They told us dogs are not allowed and he spent much of his time in the truck. He seemed happy to wait in the truck too. 

Charles got braver and braver. 

Josiah and Livie