Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Snowy Day with the Boys (Yes, it's April 5th)

Remember how I shared about shoveling around the play structure YESTERDAY! Can you believe this? It snowed all day. It was beautiful. It was hilarious. Three and a half inches on our deck tonight...but it won't stay long.  

I arrived at CoRielle's to find the boys looking out the front window. Benny was excited, Danny was blowing raspberries. LOL While Arielle worked; we played.  This is the best fishing game I've seen. The line can be reeled in and one "catches" little wooden magnetized fish. It was a lot of fun. 

Danny thought his style was just as good as ours. 

Check out their expressions! What isn't there to love about a hammer and "ice"? 


I didn't take photos but we also played Candy Land. Benny was suitably impressed when I told him the game was around when *I* was a little kid. I insisted we play by the rules, often we're a bit creative. Benny won. 
The fire ring and garden beds are buried again. 

Easter is coming...