Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've been working on announcements. I need to get address labels to print tonight or give up and finish writing them all by hand. LOL

We need to decorate a table for the reception. Ideas anyone? We're pretty average around here. We've not done book "things". I figure I can turn his slide show into a photo album for the table. We have a few little league plaques type things. I could display his Chick Fil A uniform. LOL Hmmm....I could blow up a photo of last summer's mission trip. What else should I do? I do have some of his old tonka trucks...wonder if the littles would be upset if "their" toys end up at the reception????



WooHOO - we are making progress! Lots of it. The goal of Jared, Arielle and Nolan is to finish TOG this week.

We'll do math and reading all summer.

Josiah's plugging away on his last couple of week's work too. We need to get his portfolio mailed to NARHS.

Jamin is taking a ton of credits and hasn't been able to make up for our poor work ethic as easily as the others. He IS doubling up some work and will be able to really speed ahead as he finishes other subjects....but the poor boy will have work to do into June/July.....THIS is what happens when you don't begin until mid-Sept.....LOL


It seems the ALF has discovered our little W. TX town. Several restaurants and the local high school were vandalized with graffiti. The Chick Fil A trailer was painted with "Eat more Veggies" and "Go Vegan" and "Meat is Murder". Black spray paint, destroying private property....go Animal Liberation Federation (yes they DID sign their art work). You know, I don't care if folks have these sentiments (I tend to think eating more veggies is a great idea myself), but in America we do have legal avenues of protest that don't involve cowardly lurking and destroying and defacing of private property.

In a strange twist, several have gone and purchased BIG buckets of KFC, taken their bucket and lawn chairs, and sat eating at the vandalized sites.  Gotta' love Texas...

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood

Ministry of Motherhood Book Discussion

This is the book we will begin discussing on Monday, 14 May. You can buy it at Family Bookstores, or order it from amazon.com, Whole Heart Ministries, or several other spots online.

Barring "unforeseen complications" here is my plan!

This book is written to be a 6 week study. I'm hoping we can discuss it in 5 - 6 weeks. I will be leaving for a month long vacation at the end of that time. I will post thoughts on the introduction AND the study questions on Monday. We'll try to do the first section that first week as well (page 21 - 57).

In future weeks I will simply post quotes and thoughts from each chapter M - Th. Friday I will post the study/discussion questions. That gives us three days to discuss the study questions and begin a new section the following Monday.

I will NOT be summarizing each chapter. I'm trusting that you will read the book. I'll post highlights that speak to me. You will be able to comment on any post and share quotes that spoke loudly to you that are different than the ones I comment on.

A few comments about comments....I know that on blogs most often everyone interacts with the blog author/owner. For our discussion, I'd like to see more of the give and take that you would expect to find in a small group meeting in a living room, or on an email list. Feel free to interact with the ideas I share, with me, AND with each other. I'll only ask that we are polite with each other...speaking truth in grace and love! Every book discussion post will be clearly labeled and put into that category so you can ignore them or find them whenever you have the time to read and comment.

I've read the first section to see how much time it will take and I think we are going to be BLESSED by this discussion.

Some have asked for more info on the book. From the back cover:
"....But in the dailyness of providing for a child's physical, emotional, and social needs, vital opportunities for spiritual nurture and training can be overlooked.

This doesn't have to be the case. You CAN focus your energy on what matters most. Learn how you can:
~Make life's mundane and nitty-gritty moments work for you and not against you
~Incorporate character building as a natural part of life
~Teach your child in the same way Jesus taught the disciples
~Pass on Crucial gifts that will serve your family for a lifetime

Using biblical wisdom and practical teachings, Sally Clarkson shows how you can make a lasting difference in your child's life by following the pattern Christ set with his own disciples - a model that will inspire and equip you to intentionally embrace the rewarding, desperately needed, and immeasurably valuable Ministry of Motherhood."

I've had the pleasure of attending conventions where Sally spoke. She never fails to challenge and encourage. Sally and Clay served on the staff of Campus Crusade for many years.

Book Reviews: YADA YADA and Tsars


*Yada Yada Prayer Group* by Neta Jackson. Reading this book AFTER reading the second in the series has confirmed my determination to read books in ORDER. I didn't like knowing what MUST happen next. ::snort:: Another fun book with the theme of being "sinners saved by grace" clearly shining through. Josiah got the next one from the library for me, and I'm adding it to the spring reading thing list. LOL
Earlier in the year we watched the movie with this same title. I determined to read more on this subject. This is a great book. It is well-documented, historical and yet reads like a novel.
*Nicholas and Alexander* by Robert K. Massie.
For the first time I really GET what happened in Russia during this time period. I understand WHY Lenin and such had to attempt to destroy the church. The Russians were a deeply religious people. I understand how Rasputin got such a hold on the Empress. It saddened me to read of the steps along the way that led to the death of Tsar Nicholas and his family. If he'd been a bit quicker to act, a bit less determined to maintain the monarachy as is, a bit quicker to discuss the really tough issue of Rasputin with the Empress....I was ashamed at the lack of insight showed by the American President - along with most other European Governments of the time. Of course, we're looking BACK now and we KNOW that they were all murdered, at that point in time it was assumed they'd simply live out their lives in exile.
From the back cover: "A wonderfully rich tapestry, the colors fresh and lcear, every strand sewn in with a sure hand. Mr. Massie describes those strange and terrible years with sympathy and understanding...they come vividly before our eyes."

Pregnancy Update...

I'm very tired. I'm sick. I have no energy. I want to sleep all the time. I'm also fighting a UTI. I won't be going to Arlington this weekend. I'm simply not up to it. SO....I've dragged myself out when I HAVE to be out and other than that I've been taking it very easy. I watched a disc of "Waltons" and "Here's Lucy". I've begun and finished a book on the Romanovs.

I DID get up yesterday and do a bunch of things that needed done....and I made DINNER. Here are my dinner helpers.


Another weekend event: Mike took the younger ones for a bike ride. I'm banned from biking while pregnant. 1. I have a well established history of clumsiness and 2. I'm still dizzy a lot.

They had a great ride and when they got back Zander was ready to ride his REAL BIKE! This proved to be the last ride with the trike (until Stacia is riding).

MYSTERY SOLVED or Projects Galore!

I've been complaining about a peculiar odor in the little boys' room since we moved in. We shampooed carpets, painted etc...still there. We thought that it may have had something to do with Zander's potty training....but really I'd cleaned with Odoban, bleach, carpet deodorizer etc.

Our dishwasher constantly backs up. We've had two folks look at it and the only way to fix it would be to move it or something or other. The pipe has to go too far and make too many turns before it drains. SO....when it backs up we have to shop vac the water out of the washer, take the pipes apart and vac them, and put it all back together. The older boys have gotten good at this. It appears they've also gotten tired of it. One of them taught Nolan (8) to do this and proceeded to instruct him to take care of it when it backed up last Thursday. Thursday afternoon I noticed unexplained water on the kitchen floor. I couldn't figure out where it came from. I mopped it up. Thursday night I noticed lots of water in the boys' closet. Neither would confess to having brought water in to the closet, the closet shares no plumbing walls...we couldn't figure it out. I wasn't about to accuse either of them of lying so I simply had them help me clean it up. We took the opportunity to reorganize the toys and really clean their room.
I meant to mention it to Mike but he got home LATE Thursday night and I left EARLY Friday a.m. Right before co-op on Friday Nolan told me there was water in his closet again. Hmm....far too busy to stop right then, but would have to remember to mention this to Mike. Friday afternoon, Nolan came in to tell Mike and I that there was water shooting out of the pipes in the pan cupboard and there was water all over the kitchen. Oh yeah - I meant to mention that water thing. ::snort:: Mike went to investigate. When Nolan had fixed the dishwasher he evidently didn't get the pipes quite tight enough. When we ran the dishwasher it would flood. AND on further investigating, Mike discovered the water ran under the oven, under the floorboard and into the boys' closet. (SEE THE PARAGRAPHS ARE CONNECTED!)
I mentioned the ongoing smell again and mentioned that I wanted to shampoo it all. While taking out the carpet Mike got a good whiff and recognized the smell...cat urine. It appears that the former owners must have had cats and they used the large closet for, well...gross. We took the carpet outside. Washed it over and over with soap and Odoban. We hung it to dry. Then the storms began - it's had several great fresh water rinses.
Meanwhile, I've been mopping and scrubbing the concrete several times a day with bleach water..... Their room is a MESS as all the toys and such are in the middle of their room...but soon it will all smell nice and be put back together.....Of course I'd like to paint the whole room and replace the carpet in their room too. I'd REALLY like to take ALL our carpet out and put in wood or tile...but we have to resell the house in a couple of years.

Mike also fixed a belt and muffler on the Honda this weekend...and a few other things. This led to a comment such as, "It's hard to believe you guys survived 6 months with me gone!" ::snort:: Um....I thought about this....things ALWAYS are breaking around here....when he's here we let HIM fix them....when he's gone I blog about it. ::snort::