Monday, September 14, 2009

Finishing up Monday

We spent some time deciding what we wanted to do to welcome Windy and friends. The front desk was rather confusing and for a time it looked like they'd added their two room charges to OUR room charges. ::snort:: We settled on some quick breakfast foods, baked muffins to go with, got some fun balloons and left them. Are you ready for irony?????? They are in the rooms across the hall and down a door from us!!! We briefly met, but they are exhausted and we'll have lots of time to get acquainted.

I made a yummy dinner.

Mike and Jared went running....and met Rodney, Windy and kids when they came back in the lobby. They grabbed Nolan and played basketball.

I've been sent down to check email.

Tomorrow, Jared and I are going to Hachinhohe for Japanese class.

Still looking for prices for the conference trip.

Several have emailed to ask...yes, I did say I was going to go to a Japanese Bath. I'm determined to experience the culture and this is a big part of the culture up here. The familia won't come with me.....but I found some ladies who know what they are doing and I'm going with them. Check back Saturday to see how it went. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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