Friday, May 19, 2023


Stacia and I hopped over to the cafe for a breakfast study.  We had JUST enough time to pick up our click it order before she had to be home for Japanese. The plan had me starting potatoes for potato salad and making coleslaw and an ice cream cake.  Stacia would finish school and we would jump out for a bit of the Friday fling before Allie had to go to work. 

The first snafu happened when I went to get my order. I had my confirmation. They had NO recollection of me having placed an order. I came home and placed the order again.  

There are times when you meet someone, and you simply know you are going to be friends. I have recently met a few ladies like this. It worked out that one had a couple of hours "free" today...Michael told me to race over to spend a couple of hours of getting to know each other and connecting, and he stayed with GG to make it possible. 

I stopped to pick up the click it order on my way back through our town. They told me they didn't have it. I waited until the text said to show up and they magically had it. HOWEVER, when we got home, we discovered a couple of main items I needed were not in the order. 

Stacia threw together an ice cream cake - without hardshell - while I tried to figure out what to do next. Allie had to go to work.  We didn't make it to the Friday fling. Michael got home from his lunch study with Alex. I had an hour before he needed to leave to meet Danny, a friend whose college tests he is proctoring. Stacia and I ran back into town to Freddies and picked up the missing items. 

She started decorating one of the cakes for tomorrow's shindig. It begins with frosting on parchment paper on the counter. 

Yesterday she only used white frosting. He looks much better with color. LOL 

The tricky part is transferring the paper to the top of a frosted cake....and then lifting it off. 

At this point I was helpfully suggesting we scrape off as much frosting as we could and try again. 

Her plan was better. She fixed all the spots that needed fixing. I think this cake will make Gideon happy. He is turning 6. 

We put pizza in the oven when we thought it was about time for Michael to come home. 

We watched an episode on Prime while we waited for Michael and the dinner to be ready. After dinner I made coleslaw, we doctored up the potato salad we BOUGHT this afternoon when we noted how time was racing away from us, we packed away all my snowmen, took down the outside nativity and the winter signs from GG's ramp. 

We are hoping for nice weather tomorrow. We so want to sit outside and enjoy the yard, the toys, the sun after a long winter. 

And so, in the end, very little went "smoothly" today but the day turned out to be a day of refreshing in the midst of the activity.