Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Hang in There"

I've heard this a lot over the deployment and past few months. People see me as fairly strong...which is a HOOT! Those closest to me know that I'm a wimp. I've said before, and I must say again: if you see any strength in me, it's His amazing, awe-inspiring, strengthening, holding grace that you see, not me. He's amazing. I'm human.

I've been thinking about the above phrase lately. Sometimes we simply feel like we're at the end of our strength and we can't hang on one minute God, to hope, to faith, to joy....

I believe I've had a revelation. I don't have to hang on. God is sovereign. God is big. God is big enough to lovingly encase my humanness. God will HANG ON! I will rest. I'll rest in Him and trust that He is quite big enough to hold on to keep me safe in His presence until I feel strong enough to hold on a bit longer. Or maybe....and I've not discussed this with the resident theologian or even really filtered it through my own theology filters....but just maybe I'm not meant to hold on - maybe I'm meant to rest and He will hold on. Hmmm....OK - not talking salvation here and all.....I'm aware of TULIP and plan on being a persevering saint. ::snort::

No worries - just a few thoughts that have been brought home in the midst of my living my life lately.


No rain, thunder, hail, or wind today....lots of sun! ::snort::

School is going so GREAT now - we've hit some sort of stride. I think, maybe, because I've not felt like going anywhere the last couple of weeks and so we are staying home and working and playing. LOL

Took Jamin and Jared to their last club day at the local ministry to children where they volunteer. THEN the younger 4 and I ran all over town trying to find table skirts, table clothes, confetti, display boards etc so that we can work on Josiah's graduation table this weekend.

We also stopped by the library so that I could pick up book 4 in The Yada Yada series. I am LOVING this series, but it is sooooo making me miss my group of ladies in AK - where we HAD intimacy...ah well. Seasons and all.

The week has been slower than usual as I don't have produce co-op tomorrow. I'm glad. ::snort::

We picked Josiah up at work, picked the boys up at HoF, met Mike at the ole' standby - Burger King-, scarfed down kids' meals, dropped Jared off at Civil Air Patrol and headed home with 6 of the children. Mike will work late tonight and bring Jared home with him at 9:30......

Book Review: YADA YADA Prayer Group...

*The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Real* by Neta Jackson

I don't want to share spoilers and realize that several of you are reading this series so I'll be very careful what I say. Jodi prays that 2003 will be "dull and boring" - a prayer that God doesn't seem to answer.

This book centers on the wonderful theme of redemption! Great stuff. Lots of surprises.

I think I enjoy this series because it provides such a diverse look into Protestantism....AND it shows how Christians from various backgrounds CAN worship together, share together and support one another. We've seen the same in the Air Force chaplaincy. It's been fun to read Neta's descriptions of the various forms of worship services. I think she does a great job with accurate descriptions. I've been in most the types of services mentioned and found her descriptions to be accurate....even down to the "phrases" that are common to hear in various churches. ::snort::

I was greatly encouraged last night while reading about Yada Yada's visit to the Paul and Silas Apostolic Baptist church....the hymn she mentions is one we sung every week in our gospel service at Elmendorf. I've been singing it all night and a.m. Great memories of Rev. Harvey and a timeless message.

"We've come this far by faith
Leaning on the Lord
Trusting in His holy word
He's NEVER FAILED US YET... we're singing
ohoooooooo oho oooooo
Can't turn around
We've come this far by faith"


Ah - the fun of having BIG brothers! I always stock up on costumes after Halloween because the children really like to play lots of imaginative games. There most recent have centered around super-heroes......

"Mom, come see baby Jack Jack! Come see!"