Thursday, January 28, 2021

Winter Freezer

 I scored a sale on blueberries. I expected them this fall, but they didn't arrive up here this year.  I had just had to buy my first blueberries in a year. 

I was happy to buy these and freeze them. Gotta LOVE our outside winter freezer. When it's 1* outside it doesn't take long to flash freeze things.  12 quarts of berries are in the freezer ready for yummy treats. 

Michael Rocks

 When Acorn sent a man out to install the chair lift - they didn't listen to what we said. They put it in...but they didn't let us remove the railing going downstairs and so the chair is out much further than we were told it would be...and THEN...the man just stapled the extension cords on our walls. I should have taken photos and sent them to Acorn.  We had a box screwed into this wall and 2 extension cords stapled on the wall. Downstairs we have the same. 

Michael removed the baseboard, hid the cord, made a groove for the cord....and more cord stapled to the wall. LOL  I told him he should moonlight fixing chair lift installations. 

Our Lap Dog

Millie is 8 months old, but she still believes she is a lap dog. She can be so aggressive, but she is also the most snuggly dog we've ever had. Of course, she's the first puppy we've had. Maybe they grow out of snuggling?  In any event, we love Millie cuddles.  

She will not be ignored.