Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transforming a House to a Home

It seems we've been house-bound and working on "nesting" for AGES...but when I scroll back through the blog I realize we've been incredibly busy and its not been THAT long. ::grin::

We continued to work on the house both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.   We took a break Wednesday morning and headed to PWOC.  This means we drove in with Michael at 0700.  Zander and Stacia are enjoying the home school enrichment are they enjoying it. This is a blessing for them to be able to connect with other kids once a week.

This is a sight I've not  often seen on a base....cows...evidently we lease or share or something the land around the base to local ranchers. Love it.

I had an interview after PWOC and then headed to Walmart to pick up Nolan's prescription. The base doesn't carry it....too much paperwork. Walmart orders it in...BUT they discovered the doc hadn't confirmed his part maybe soon.  ::wink::

I came home and was motivated to tackle the boxes in the garage. We'd really finished boxes in the house. A quick call confirmed Michael did not want us to unpack his tools for him.  Nolan and Arielle put shelves together....and we did it. EVERY BOX IS UNPACKED (with the exception of tools)! The end is in sight...and the garage looks more organized than any garage we've ever had before. LOWES loves us...

We have so much space. I find myself looking around and breathing thanks...."Why God? Why are you blessing us so greatly?"  We've never had this much room and this space is incredibly usable for our family. I'll have to post an official home tour when we're done.  We have enough room to leave this chess set out  made for Michael, by Krista, years ago at Elmendorf (now JBER). 

Hard to see..the living room has a big hutch, piano, two couches, step tansu ends, 2 desks and a shelf that we don't need  and it still looks big.....but it's looking finished too.

We were blessed last night to be invited to a lovely family's home for dinner. It was a SWEET night of fellowship.We all enjoyed playing with their little darlings....and Zander and Stacia enjoyed a bonus of swimming. They enjoyed telling the older ones as we drove up, "Oh, WE know these kids from PWOC."  Dinner was FANTASTIC... I'd told Rachel about my weird eating thing so she wouldn't be offended if I only ate the salad...and WOW...two amazing salads and grilled eggplant too. I decided the doc allowed once a month splurges and the homemade ice cream was the perfect time to splurge.

We've been working hard to have the house "done" so we could go visit Michael's mother this weekend. We've been eagerly watching for the trailer's registration tags. I sent the check to the AK DMV on 29 July. Last night the VAN'S tags arrived - I renewed online with them last week. The trailer expired before we got our new address loaded into their system so we had to do it the old fashioned way.  This a.m. I spent hours on hold and with the DMV trying to figure it out. Bottom line - they don't know. Our check is gone. We'll have to send them another one. We won't have tags for the trailer tomorrow.  I've been researching options for this weekend. Disappointed - determined to choose joy this weekend wherever we are.

I ordered this year's Tapestry of Grace books while on hold.

Some will remember the trick certain young men played on me when Michael was deployed....I meant to get two of them back this a.m. It was a bit alarming for Arielle.

This was a much pleasanter sight. LOL 

I enjoyed a Skype visit with Krista this a.m. We gave her a tour of the home. She's a good sport. The kids were a bit fussy - so I had them help me move Michael's dresser and the love seat in our room (he wanted it move around I'm not simply crazy).  We also moved carpets around. I like both carpets but  I LOVE this was in our room but I like it down here. Though now I'm worrying about people walking on it with muddy shoes.
Arielle and I hung photos and a clock in the school room and my "Japanese" quilt in the living room. Nolan and Zander moved pro gear and Goodwill boxes to the garage. Zander climbed to the top of the cupboards in the kitchen to place a few things for me.  NOW they are playing wii.

Arielle and I are still discussing the best way to fill these "squares". The problem is they are soo big....My thought was a big canvas with Josh 1:8,9 on it (our word of the year). We plan to use the screen from the projector as we halved I can make that sort of big...but I'm not sure you'll be able to read the words.
I saw this last night and LOVED it..I could make ours bigger....but again would you be able to read the words? I've had fun brainstorming the words I would want to use...and I think I'll try to create it even if it won't look this snazzy and I don't use it "up there".  The frame Arielle is holding is 20X27. The biggest print I can make at Sam's is 20x30....I'm trying not to spend $ on pieces I won't need in a small home.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...