Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Weeks...

are just busy.  I'm incredibly proud of us for showing we CAN make this pace and schedule work.  We're on track to have a REALLY GOOD full week of school done and this has been one of those "busy weeks".  We can do this.

Yesterday was a relaxing day at home - topped off with a relaxing night at MOPS Mom's Night Out. We learned to turn obis (sash on a kimono)  into decorations.  Enjoyed some good soup too - and indulged in crock pot envy. ::snort::

Arielle and I left for base again early this a.m. About once a month our Wing Chaplain's wife has the rest of the chaplain's wives over for breakfast. This is always a fun time to meet with women whom I don't often see....believe it or not.....we're all involved in different services etc.  Today we discussed taking a hop to Korea. A friend is expecting her dh home for a deployment soon. Some preening was in order. I was happy to go along and try out a new spa. ::snort:: You know me - always one for relaxing on the fly. We met Mike for lunch and just had time to get our groceries bought before we headed to Arielle's orthodontist appointment. I love this time of the year when groceries stay perfectly cool in the car.....of course my bananas froze last week so I need to watch that. LOL

I am TERRIBLY proud and elated that Nolan and Zander got ALL their table school done on their own while I was on base. What champs. We sat down for couch school when I got home while dinner baked.  We even had time for tea.  We're working the schedule. Go team.

Oh - I did slide right into a snow bank on the way to base this a.m. No one got hurt, the car didn't even stop - slide right into it and out of it. I would have felt silly but I happen to know the experienced Japanese driver behind me did the same thing.  I tried a different route on the way home, one with less ruts. The ruts are hard for my low-riding, little car to handle.

I had hoped to attend a fascinating event tonight - a meeting with a western geisha - but opted for a family night - only to find out that Mike had an engagement tonight afterall...nonetheless I'm looking forward to snuggling down on this cool winter night.

Have I said lately that I LOVE JAPAN?

Choosing Joy!
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