Monday, March 25, 2024

A Full Monday

Welp...22 weeks (and 2 days) since we last saw Josiah.  It's amazing how resilient humans can be. We can march on when we'd rather everything stopped. God is faithful to travel with us and we're sinking and stretching into new depths of intimacy with Him. I just wish...

Carrie shared this this morning...that boy loved fishing! He was so helpful for us newbies and so gracious while he helped....most often with that big smile on his face. My heart misses Josiah this Monday. 

I went through the morning routine...Bible, bread, Dad's breakfast and shower, 3.5 miles on the treadmill, shower...and then headed to the store to pick up a few ingredients for this evening. 

Stacia texted to ask for prayer on a rough day. We encouraged her to come home between classes. She has a 7-hour break between classes on Monday and usually studies, runs errands, skis... She was reluctant to come home - gas prices being what they are. We love that frugality but finally prevailed on her to come home. We were able to talk with her, encourage her...and I am thankful for the margin to spend an afternoon with a daughter who needs a bit of extra care.  

I baked cookies, made Alice Spring Chicken, mashed potatoes, grabbed a salad, dino nuggets and fries and prepared to take dinner to CoRielle and the boys - plus one! LOL The sibs aren't visiting until Wednesday, and we don't assume a visit when we deliver a meal, but Michael and I encouraged Stacia to come along to deliver the meal.  

The boys met us in the driveway chattering away about "their baby." Charles told me he'd "go get baby."  They were sweet. Stacia was invited in. The meal was delivered. We had a quick visit, Stacia played with the boys. This was surely the best part of her day! This little gal is simply perfect. We're falling in love. 

Stacia opted to attend her evening class via zoom...and was able to grab dinner in the 20 min break between hours. Three-hour evening classes can be quite long. LOL 

We had dinner as well -and cleaned up.  All is quiet on the home front. Stacia and Allie are occupied with their class. GG is reading a new magazine. Michael is reading...and I'm about to join him. 

I signed up to take another dinner to them on April's First - I'm open for fun surprises on April Fool's Day. 

1. Rejoicing today in two new little girls, destined to be the best of friends as they grow up as cousins. 

2. I am thankful for margin to make a dinner to welcome a new baby and to sit and encourage a hurting daughter. 

3. I'm thankful that it appears breakup may really be here. That's spring for the rest of the world.