Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Update

We slept. Woot!  We enjoyed Sunday. 

I booked tickets to TX and tickets to Seattle and talked to the contractors who now handle Space A rather than  AMC. LOL  

We saw Bre at Church. Arielle and Stacia were in "Ms. Bre's" Children's Church.

The church Michael and I were married in
 After church we met up with Krista (who works in a church across town) and Nolan. Gma, Gpa, all of us at their favorite lunch spot....
Pie shakes? Wow. Pie/Shake in a blender who would have thunk?
 Bre went home for a nap after lunch. Krista joined us for a bit at the hotel pool. Gma and Gpa came over too. We swam until Stacia's toes were bleeding - and we discovered something gross in the pool.

This is not us - but we made splashes like this! 
 Krista headed home to host College Age group at their apartment. Bre works tonight until 4 a.m. We all changed clothes, booked tickets, talked on the phone and then headed to my folks. Our mission - find ICE CREAM - it IS Sunday Night...and it's our family tradition. Gma and Gpa agreed to come with us.

The new mini size is PERFECT
 We loved seeing all the Christmas lights on the way home. I do miss Christmas lights living in Northern Japan. I hear rumors that they have Christmas lights in Tokyo...but not really up where we live.

Tonight I have all the kids at the hotel with me. The girls are back to work.....we'll leave on Tuesday or Wednesday to make our way to TX. We fly out of Portland on the 30th. I'm still deciding how much margin we we want to turn the car in on the 29th and spend the night up there...or drive up early that a.m., turn the car in and hop on a plane? We shall see. 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...