Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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I took three children to the doctors today. Of course, they couldn't be seen TOGETHER....though on the last appointment I asked about MY ears. Mine don't hurt. BUT for months - probably more than a year - they've had pressure behind them. They always need to be popped. It's gotten noticably bad as Mike mentions there is nothing wrong with his voice, the volume on the radio, the children's voice but my hearing is going. WELL NOW. I was QUITE sure that I wasn't losing my hearing...but as I watched all the kids be examined today I asked the doc about my ears. I explained that I don't have a fever. I don't have pain. I've had pressure for months and my ears always need to be popped but never quite clear.

The man too PITY on me! He said, "Since you are here" and grabbed the otoscope. I had been told over a year ago at this time that everyone here develops new allergies and to take decongestant. I told the doc that that is probably what it was but that I've had it since this time last year. Turns out that I have lots of fluid behind my ear. Lots. He said that there is no way decongestants will help. He also said that this would explain my loss of hearing. I have meds too.

FOUR unexpected doctor appointments. My PLAN was to stay home and get some things caught up around here, play with kids....and I need to do a girls date with Arielle SOON.....

I also want to take some prints in locally to be printed. I don't know WHY but on Friday I decided this Elmendorf PWOC album needed doing...and now I simply need to print out 19 layouts.

While sitting in waiting room today I decided to redo two of the layouts I did yesterday - because I wanted to make give them a tad bit more zing, now that I discovered how late last night. I did that and Arielle and I are heading to the Scrapbook Store....then we'll crash tonight and plan the rest of week to be what we wanted to do the last two days. ::snort::

I'm not sure if you can see the big difference online...but in life it's noticeable.

Original layout - notice that CM shadows the little dotty elements...

I added shadows around the photos - as they would stand out in a real album. I think it makes the page look more 3D and less "flat".....

Now.....off we go again. Oh yeah, I had to fill up my van. $108.68. YIKES! But in ALASKA CNN reports gas at $4.50 a gal - could it be?


Summer Projects

I love the summer. It is a great time to “tie up loose ends”. I have a bit more time for personal Bible study. There is a bit more time for play. We spend a bit of time honing up on subjects that in which we are lagging behind. It’s a fantastic season to spend some extra time, prayer and effort on summer projects.

In our home, “Projects” are not solely building a bird house, compiling a scrapbook, FINALLY working on that Greek temple made from toilet paper rolls, or finishing a math text.

“Projects” in our home are a mentoring/discipling/parenting tool. We’ve discovered the shotgun approach doesn’t work well for us. We can’t change all areas in all of our children’s lives at once. We can, however, be intentional in our focus. Projects are specific areas of focus for each of our children’s lives. These are prayed over and I believe Holy Spirit impressed. I write these down in my Tryst Journal. At any given point, if confidentiality were not an issue, I could tell you each current project for each of our children. Our projects are a tool that allows us to actively partner with what we believe God is working in each individual family member. This has been very effective.

We make “Projects” a matter of prayer and observation. We notice which character traits or personality issues or discipleship/doctrinal issues God would have us work on - and we focus on those. The key words are: intentional and focus. We may suggest books or Bible passages to our older children, complete a topical study with our child, we bathe each project in prayer and we look for Holy Spirit moments when we can speak to the issue. We evaluate and pray about each project quarterly. Many projects run for several quarters.

Here is one example from YEARS ago to illustrate our family home projects. With one of our darlings we attacked “deception – lying/cheating”. First, the issue became a focus during my family fasts and prayer times. Second, we did a topical study on deception during family circle. Third, I was aware of the opportunities the Holy Spirit opened for me to speak to that area. Fourth, as Mike and I are in agreement he also looks for those God-ordained teachable moments. God was faithful. Conviction, repentance and growth followed. This is currently not a project for any of our children.

Projects are a wonderful tool for individually mentoring each of our children. They take a bit of time and energy, but we’ve seen time and again lasting maturity and heart change when we, as parents, put our efforts where God is working in our child. For our older three, all adults now, this is matter of prayer and the occasional comment, rather than daily training. For the very young ones there are never-ending topics for new projects. ::snort::
We try hard not to ONLY look at behavior but on the heart issue behind the behavior.....this is one tool we use in our endeavor to be a pastor's family that doesn't raise children who are inoculated to the gospel or practicing Pharisees.


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