Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday the 13th

The morning began with two appointments for Michael.

We enjoyed lunch together, followed by a quick trip to Lowes. We picked up a variety of needed tools for upcoming projects.  This pitchfork has become a symbol of permanence to me. Who would ever buy such a thing if they were living in an apartment or moving every few years????  *I* own one now. Michael picked this one to work well for me....I've compost dreams.  Yeah, I know. I don't  know who I'm becoming - but I'm loving it.

We had just enough time to make it to Michael's third appointment.

I got a text while at one of the appointments...."Can we set up the trampoline?" Spring is here! 

Nolan and Michael finished up the chick brooder when we got home. I helped too. OK, Michael did 98% of this project, but we all pitched in as we could see how to pitch in. LOL This was his vision. 

The top part is hinged for easy access and viewing. 

We moved Golda, Rosie Proudfoot and Novio (formerly known as Diablo) into the brooder. Yes, by this point Diablo was winning Stacia over. She comes running when she hears Stacia. 

Look who I caught talking to the chicks.

As Michael and I walked around the yard, planning upcoming projects, I couldn't help but notice all the POOP in the yard. It is NOT all from Yuuki!  We've been working on that. As the snow recedes we are finding lots of moose nuggets.....

And there is FRESH HORSE POOP! We don't have a horse.  We live in a place where the neighbor's horse runs through our yard and leaves a gift. Shaking my head! ::snort::

Tomorrow, we pick up the 15 other chicks in Anchorage. We also have a list of other projects to do  - praying for a nice day.