Friday, April 26, 2013

Arielle Update

We've tried to come up with a spectacular story...she was climbing on the roof to save a neighbor's toddler and slipped...she was chasing killer worms...but the bottom line is...she was running, tripped and landed on her elbow.  She didn't say a thing. This happened Thursday afternoon.
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At dinner, I noted she was eating with her left hand and wouldn't pass pans etc. The story came out. This was about the time Akikosan and Michael both got to the house. She took Ibuprofen and we went on with the night.

Michael is becoming a WHIZ on webmd and came down with the word that he thought I should take Arielle in to be seen even though she was insisting she was fine as she was having trouble and pain moving it.

In we went. She admitted to the doc her hand was numb and a bit..... They gave Arielle a sling (and she's not happy that it is Army green) and we went back Friday a.m. for x-rays.  She was given more pain med dosing info. We've not heard a word so we're going on the assumption it is not broken.

This all brings back memories of our first encounter with Arielle and pain.

She was 2 years old, fell off a chair and braced her fall with her wrist/arm. I took her in. She wasn't swelling, she wasn't crying...she made a strange look. They moved her around and said she would scream if it were broke. Days later I called to tell them she  wasn't fine. They insisted she was. A week after the fall, I took her to the office and insisted she be seen. I had nothing to go on except she made a "face" at odd times when moving her arm.  Same arm.....

The doctor INSISTED it was not broken and was very put out that I refused to go home until they did an x-ray...she was my 6th child and I knew something was wrong. Yep - broken in two places.

We've learned not to take Arielle's "perceived pain level" as an accurate indicator. ::snort::

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