Thursday, April 07, 2022

Mr. Gingerbread Visits JBER

 The boys are "technically" hosting Mr. Gingerbread this year as they won the gingerbread contest. He went home with Luke recently.  However, if the poor man wants to GO anywhere, he has to hitch a ride with the gals. Krista took Mr. Gingerbread about JBER this week. 

Mr. Gingerbread likes to be useful. He jumped right in and helped with a bit of counseling...

Office work...

Community building....

It's hard work being a chaplain. Krista rewarded Mr. Gingerbread  with a bit of fun at the gym. 

Getting buff!

A well-rounded fitness regime includes cardio as well. 

Thank you, Krista, for showing Mr. Gingerbread a good time at JBER. I'm pretty sure, though Luke was his official host, Krista is the one that took him around...and yes, it cracks me up to imagine her walking around base with a stuffed Gingerbread man. LOL 

All photos from Krista!