Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Vitamix Induced Excitement

Stacia and I ran over to drop off payment for a PWOC retreat this morning. This led to a conversation as to why we are not going to PWOC weekly. I shared my new favorite verse with Stacia, "Remember Lot's wife." Luke 17:32.  We talked about how God calls us not to live in the past, but to look at what He is doing now.  This is not a new thought to her - Pastor Rob preached on it a couple of weeks ago.  It is hard to live out.

We rushed into the trailer, she began school and I began grinding wheat so I could bake bread, helping her with school, processing a few thoughts......and in the chaos of the morning.....

I threw a batch of wheat berries in the Vitamix....threw the switch.....ramped it up to the highest variable....pressed the timer on my phone.....all in time to watch a perfect shower of wheat berries erupt over the top of the blender and spread throughout the Caboose.  A fair bit landed in my freshly sifted flour....

We laughed.

Michael walked in at this point.

He asked if I'd taken a the kids have been told....."Next time Mom does this, grab the camera first." ::snort::

It was much easier to clean up than the time the lid blew off the Wondermill and flour went all over the kitchen in our S&B home.

Here are all the appliances and my phone working in tandem as they should. Note the lid is on and the grain is grinding....the dough is is good.

Another productive day....a bit harried....but productive.