Monday, August 13, 2007

Jamin Update

He's home. He's o.k. He can't lift weights, but he can run. He'll be off work a few days. I guess he gets to enjoy his visit with Jordan, afterall.

They're HERE

(Candy - are you seeing this?)

The guys almost immediately began a rousing game of RISK
Men with Hair"A lot has happened since Bible College." ::snort::
Prayer Request

Our college friends arrived.

I had Shop Natural co-op tonight. That company is sure having some "pains".

Beth and I decided to go get a watermelon…..

The men got a call that Jamin had run his hand through a tomato slicer at work……he’s in the ER.

Please pray - more later. Oh - the joke - it wouldn't be a B and G get together if we didn't end up in the ER at least once. ::snort::
Emily - Can't find your comment and the emails are on the other Beach Electric Can Opener. I don't have the model number. It's black. It says "no sharp edges" on the box. It was NOT the cheapest at Walmart but since I've been waiting 3 years to replace this, I thought it was OK to buy one that I'd be happy with. I LOVE my PC can opener....but for bulk cooking days my wrists need a bit of help - so this gives me the benefits of both worlds.

Book Giveaway!

I'm sorry that these didn't get posted on Saturday. Guess what? Last week's winners didn't get mailed either. ::snort::

I'll wait until Friday to draw winners this week, as I'm posting these late.

If you are a participant in the summer reading challenge (it's not to late to join), you are eligible for this random drawing. Simply leave a comment and let me know which book you'd like to be considered for. You'll need to give me a way to contact you so that we can exchange addresses off blog.

*The Purpose Driven Life* by Rick Warren. Brand new copy. Honestly, we have been given several copies. I have not made it past the first few chapters as I really struggle with the way he uses various obscure paraphrases of Scripture. This means that I have to look up each verse in several translations I trust before I move ahead to the next sentence.....BUT if you don't have that hang up you may enjoy this book.....and many who DO have that hangup tell me that they love this book. I loved the first line "it's not about you". ::snort::

*Homeschooling the Early Years* by Linda Dobson. Used copy - no markings. This book is a "complete" guide to successfully homeschooling the 3- to 8- year-old child.

*For the Children's Sake* by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. Used book, name in the front, but no markings in this copy. This was my first exposure to Charlotte Mason's theory years ago; I was hooked. It's a small book. It's an easy read. It will give you fresh vision for what homeschooling could be.