Monday, December 28, 2015

Game Night at The Girl Gherkins'

Tonight was game night at the Girls'. Arielle ended up having to go to work - she switched with another employee so she could take New Year's Eve off. Krista invited several friends, Gma & Gpa, all of us and BreZaak for Yumm! Bowls and games. Each brought a topping and Krista made up a huge pot of rice and bought Yumm! sauce. I thought this was a great idea for feeding a crowd.

The centerpiece of the night was to be a Lord of the Rings Trivia contest. Knowing that not all are Lord of the Rings Trivia aficionados, Krista set up Disney Scene it and other games as well.

Table - various Gherkins/ Couch - Kent, Shawn and G'pa
Disney Scene It Crowd
L-R  Kent, Bre, Krista, Lindsey, Stacia

Marca (Shawn's wife), Lindsey and Krista

Nolan, Jared, Josiah, Jamin
 Lord of the Rings Gang

Josiah and Jamin won the LOTR trivia...and were rewarded with giant ring pops. Stacia & Bre won Disney Scene It and earned a fun  mask.... 

Sean and Marca needed to leave after the big triva match ups as they work this week. The rest of us began epic rounds of Mafia....the game where pastors and their family sit around and try to murder each other and deceptively pin it on others. ::wink::

Krista narrates a scenario
Mafia is great fun. This night wasn't quite as fun as the game where Izaak proposed.

Gherkins Visit a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Krista and Arielle gifted us with a family outing this year. Krista bought us all tickets to Star Wars - The Force Awakens, and Arielle bought us treats!  It was  a great outing, resulting in fun memories. 

All loaded into the van - they fit better when they were at home LOL 

We met up with Izaak, Bre and Dakota at the theater

Even Gma and Gpa joined the fun!
 I recently realized I prefer movies much better if I sit in the very last row. Michael likes sitting near the middle/front.....and when I discovered I really liked the back - we discovered we're about evenly split on where we like to sit. I suspect this is another quirk left-over from Mindanao. In a restaurant my back must be to the wall so I can see all exits, in a theater I really like the back row with the exit. ::snort::

All that to say - WE SPLIT UP! This group sat right behind the wheel-chair seating. 

This group and me sat on the very last row.....

Regardless of the spot in the theater (and it filled up around us) - we all agreed - this is an AWESOME movie! We're eagerly waiting  the next one....and I won't say much more - though I really, really could. LOL

Thanks again, Krista and Arielle.