Wednesday, February 28, 2007


 *I* did couch school with the little ones today.....Jared and Arielle did a great job, but I pulled it together today.....

Tomorrow should be a bit saner...Friday insane...Sat. Mild insanity and then SUNDAY.....


Up at 5:30 to make a produce call - but Rick wasn't in. Called back every time they said to - a total of 5 more times and reached him at 7:30 p.m.

Curves (see below).

Birthday party for the younger ones - good chance for me to visit with mommies.

Pulled some of Jamin's frozen pizza's out for dinner as part was 5 - 6:30 or so....

Getting young ones settled, starting roasts for BBQ roast sandwiches tomorrow.....that's it folks....too tired to say much more....

Shoot - Zander is spraying the house with Odoban....MUST run. WHERE did he find THAT?????

Wonderful Wednesday Weigh In/Curves

Today was weigh in....and I lost 2 lbs. BETTER Curves they did all the measurements. I have now progressed from "overweight" to the top of the "normal range". All say if I hold the course I'll continue to move more to the mid range of normal.

BUT as of today I no longer have greater risk for any disease (heart, diabetes, blood pressure) due to my waist size, fat percentage or BMI. That is HUGE to me and more important than numbers on a scale.

I may as well put my Curves thoughts here. I did my first work out today. I think I'm going to enjoy this. I'm right with Becky about the stress rolling off.

I'm not sure that 3 times a week will equal to the cardio I've BEEN doing....but it is certainly more strength/resistance than I've been doing. I LOVE that the machines adjust as you get stronger. The trainer this a.m. suggested I only do Curves 3x a week and then do my 45 min step workout on the other 2 or 3 days of the week. They also think that I can put the 8 minutes in the Morning aside. Does that sound right? I'm torn. I WANT a t-shirt...but I don't want to drastically cut the calories I burn through exercise. ::snort:: Maybe I should make my own t-shirt. LOL

The ladies were incredibly friendly and supportive...both the trainer and the other Curves members. I went alone...but I found that I was NOT intimidated at all. I met a lady there who is here on a mission with her church to the students on base...she knew Mike. Another lady's dh is getting ready to deploy - good to offer encouragement. This is the first time I've ever worked out at a female gym - and I liked it. I've been looking for some positive local support in the lifestyle changes I've made, and I believe I've found it. I've never had folks visit with me as I worked out at the gym...but it was fun....and the talking keeps me from overdoing the workout. I had worried that I wouldn't be able to move the machines fast enough to get my heart rate up (they are heavy) but I had my heart rate at 80% on all checks. No joint pain at all.

I didn't realize it, but at this center, when you join you can also attend the 6 week weight loss component for free ($99 value). I've been reading the book - which I need to review - and what they recommend for the calorie sensitive plan is what Debbie and Gary have shared in classes. I won't attend now...but continue the "conversation", I may. The plan is ALL about increasing metabolism - which is exactly what this hypothyroid patient needs. LOL I like that their goal is to increase your metabolism with exercise while you lose, so that you end up with a healthier metabolism and able to eat normally...instead of being stuck on low calories forever.

I told them what I was doing.....they had some suggestions...all good and sane. I peppered her with questions and she had the right answers for each one. LOL I even asked what they do with pregnant women because I've never gotten over being kicked out of a weight loss program when I became pregnant 19 years ago. ::snort:: I figure if something IS healthy - it should be healthy when you're pregnant too. LOL

All in all a very pleasant experience. I left the home this a.m. at 6:50 and was home by 7:40. I'm going to TRY to go earlier tomorrow and see if I can be home before the children wake up....but we'll see if Stacia lets me sleep.

If any of you are considering this the deal right now is great. You bring in a bag of cans (ours is for meals on wheels) and they waive the enrollment fee of $149. The special runs until 10 Mar.

Oh yes...and financially? It's costing me $6 - 9 MORE to pay Curves and gas than it would to pay gas to go the base's free gym....and it's closer!

Darshia - that fat reader thing was cool! I like gadgets quite a bit. ::snort:: Of COURSE I had to have her explain to me how it worked....she said it computed the amount of time it took to find anything solid in your body to bounce off of...and I told her to relax we had a bit of a wait ahead of us. LOL

Oh - goals - I like that they focus on sizes, fat percentages and not so much on the scale. We set my size cracked me up to see that parts of me are size 8, size 10 and size 11.....I told her I believed it! LOL I'm not sure HOW she figured it but she said that she thought that when I got the fat precentage to where it is supposed to be (it's 32% now) I'd have lost another 15 lbs. So on the whole they were on track with my goals.....just a bit lighter than I was aiming for...

Hobbies and Prayer


Yippee!! I received "The Ministry of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson and "Playdate with Death" (a new mystery series recommended on SHS by I think Luanne but my memory is sliding with lack of sleep) in the mail.....Now to find time to READ. LOL

Quick Prayer Request

Friday Stacia was congested. I kept her inside Saturday because it was VERY windy. She seemed fine and we went out Sunday. I was up all night with her (gorgeous day - no wind - 77*). She is coughing and her eye oozes off and on....NOT pulling on ears or running a fever....but she's been up most the nights since Sunday because she coughs if she lies down. Please pray she kicks this quickly.

Tuesday Recap

The day happened. I survived. The children survived. I'm still cursing 4th weeks of the month! ::snort::

Jared read couch school to Arielle and Nolan today. Everyone did their independent work. Hmmm....guess I'm getting a bit of spring break - but I'd rather be at the park than these meetings. LOL

Curves - went well, I'll report after my first 45 minutes. ::yawn::

My friend Lisa (moderator on SHS) had her baby Monday night! Yippee!