Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homework Must be Done....

Tomorrow night is Japanese...if we are going to do our Maku homework it would have to be today. Off we went. Stacia wanted to know if they would have Japanese toys. ::snort:: We've not tried McDonald's yet - though we drive by it 2 - 6x a day.....I was pleasantly surprised. It cost much less than I expected. I'm not sure which of the menu items are unique to Japan, as we didn't frequent McD's in the states.

We did notice right off that we got small straws.
From 2010-04-28
Nolan was the first to figure out how to make them expand. Cool.
From 2010-04-28
Stacia liked the ketchup packets which come in little containers like jelly does in restaurants in the states. Much less mess this way.
From 2010-04-28
She also approved of the drink choices.
From 2010-04-28
I was determined to try Akiko's "suki desu" favorites. No one else seemed eager to branch out....
From 2010-04-28

From 2010-04-25
Not bad, really. I liked the burger, though I'll remember to tell them to skip the mayo next time. ugh. Nolan tried the potato bacon pie.....he wasn't sold. Of course he's not had bacon in years. LOL
From 2010-04-28
Today was WINDY and RAINY...really windy. 32 mph gusts....the wind was SLAMMING against the corner of the 2nd story....and the carport was rising and falling all night. I woke up this a.m. and the hatch on my Joy was open....

Arielle saw the orthodontist. He's not sure they'll be able to work her in this summer...but we go back in June for x-rays and molds. Nothing moves fast here...but it does move. ::snort:: He said that, "if she wants braces, they can fix things," but very little orthodontic work is "essential"....interesting, as off base orthodontists will make you think your child's health could be ruined if their bite is incorrect. He had "numbers" and said she made the she would get braces back home....but maybe not here. We'll see. I could SHOOT the dentist in TX (who is now retired). I asked him over a year ago if she needed braces. If he'd said yes, she'd have them and they'd automatically continue them here for free. We may have to wait until we get home at this point.

Had a prayer meeting with the local PWOC retreat prayer team.

School. Working on the puzzle.

Came home to Skype with Michael, but it appears he's not around....I'm heading out for the Onsen now.The kids are settling in for the night. I hope.

....about those "Japanese toys," Stacia was happy with the iDogs...and you get to choose your own color here. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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