Tuesday, February 14, 2023

So Done (New Tools)

 We had a snowstorm when we came back from Hawaii. We shoveled...and shoveled some more. We had it all clear on Sunday and woke up this Monday morning to MORE snow. This was CLEAR on Sunday so Dad could get out of the house. 

I am just done with shoveling. We'd talked in Hawaii if we are to continue to live in a place that requires so much upkeep, we are going to have to either 1. hire help or 2. buy the tools to make the job easier.  We simply are NOT in our 30's any longer and need to quit trying to work like we are. When we woke up this morning and Michael began talking about another day shoveling...I reminded him of our discussion and suggested he go buy a snow blower! 

It hurt to spend the money, but it was WAY easier to deal with all the snow. Yes, we have a lawn tractor, and it has a "snowplow" on it...but y'all that thing is made for Oregon or Texas snow...not Alaska snow. It doesn't do a good job at all.  I can see the advantage to getting a side by side with a snowplow that would make hunting accessible and help with the snow...but that is still way out of our budget. LOL 

Michael got into the spirit of things and also bought a rear rototiller (not pictured here). We'd talked about buying one last year, but they all sold out. They got in a late shipment and had them out now. Michael bought one. We have the garden space and LOTS of woods with Devils' club. We are going to take another shot at killing the stuff this year. 

A man at Lowes was wondering why in the world Michael was buying a rototiller. He came up with a story about the best way to get a clean driveway is to churn up the snow and then blow it. LOL  Alternately, he suggested we were planting snow peas and iceberg lettuce. LOL 

Happy 39th anniversary to us!