Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Do

The Skater look is gone.....and spikes are in?

Sixteen Years Old

It's hard to be intimidating with a pig on your head ::snort::

Camera: This is what the manual has to say about my blinking F - though I think Flashing F has a better sound to it.... Any camera pros out there care to take a stab at this? Jen, Mike, Dave/Heather????

"Non-CPU lenses can only be used in mode M, when aperture can be adjusted manually using the lens aperture ring. In other modes, the shutter release will be disabled, and a blinking F-- will appear in the control panel and view-finder aperture displays".

OK - I've not changed lenses...to the best of my knowledge I've NOT purchased a new lens.... This seems to be an intermittent problem. This a.m. I got it to work by switching it to M, taking a couple of photos and switching it back to A....it worked today...didn't work on Saturday????? Can you think of anything else I should try? Kodak point and click? Bury the Nikon? ::snort::


The camera is doing the flashing F thing again...this is going to drive me batty. I'm about to go buy a point and click digital!!!!