Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Auntie K Visit the Kids

It became apparent during the quake we needed to give some attention to the pantry in my nook. The shelves were always a bit "unsteady," and the quake proved just how movable they were.  Glass jars didn't stay put, the shelves were bending under weight and everything shifted and mixed into a big jumble.

Last week, I endured a "month long grocery trip." I purchased what I hope will prove to be a month of groceries.
2 1/2 carts of the 4 carts of groceries we purchased
As I went to put things up, Michael asked me to wait on the pantry items. He wanted me to firm up the shelves before I loaded them again. That worked well as I wanted to organize things well. Day to day life had mixed things up and the 7.0 shaker REALLY mixed things up. We are still finding glass in the nook.

This morning Krista, Stacia and I got everything organized and put back in the closet. I moved the empty canning jars down to the basement, moved older things to the front, and took stock of what we had that I'd forgotten about..... I plan to get out the label maker and make some labels so things STAY organized. My canning inventory is low. I need to get some spaghetti sauce, beans and chicken canned, "soon."
The "before" photos of the pantry and nook disappeared

Stacia realized she isn't feeling well - so she stayed home. Michael was having a "bad day," he stayed home too. Alex is ALWAYS happy to stay home. I took Krista and we went to visit Bre and the kids. Bella ran right to Krista and hugged her around the knees and offered to help her take boots off.
Bella and Auntie K
 Bella loves to introduce people to each other. She performed admirably. She said to Krista, "This is mom."   "And this is Bubbie (Gideon/brother)."  She is busy learning new words and sentences nearly every day. She's a charmer. She is now 2 1/2 years old. She calls Michael, "Papa," and has several names for me...."GG" seems to be her favorite, but  Gemma and Granna also appear.

For his part, Gideon loves to have EVERYTHING in it's place. He's darling. He races to put our shoes in the proper place and claps after each one is put up. He is the most cuddly, kissy baby I've been around. He's a delight. He is now 19 months old.
Big job for a sweet boy 

"Seesters" - Bella, Bre, Gideon, Krista
  Bre is 35 weeks pregnant. This is the point in her pregnancy when Gideon was born in 2017. She has been getting weekly shots and will get one more the day after Christmas. We are all praying she is able to make it to 37 weeks. If she goes into labor before then she would have to go to Anchorage. This is not a good plan due to the speed of her last labor.
Auntie K loves on the kids while Bre watches on 
Back home Arielle and Benny were up for a bit of a visit too.  Benny is 13 months old now and is one talkative little man. He brightens our days when he lights up at our appearance. He chatters non-stop and we predict he will soon begin to put words to the chatter.
Auntie K and Bennett (AKA Benny)
After dinner JaRissa drove out to the valley. They will be flying to Texas soon to spend the holidays and wanted to get some face time in with Krista before they leave. I didn't take a picture.

Everyone's in bed. I started reading a new book, "The Prodigal Prophet," by Timothy Keller, and realized I hadn't blogged yet....and I'm making an all out effort to get back into a habit.


Yes, winter is back. When the rain and "warm snap" came last week, I worried we wouldn't have a white Christmas...no worries. when the tire swing rests on the ground things are WHITE. LOL 

We took care of a lot of "stuff" today.  The recycling was delivered.  Phone calls were received and made. Trust disbursements were mailed and deposited. Jack Jack was moved from Stacia's room to the garage. We gave him a chance. She cleaned his cage daily - but it just smelled. We cleaned the room getting ready for Krista's arrival.  Michael put braces on my pantry shelves so I can reload the pantry. 

We are planning a tea for the Gherkin gals still in town on Sunday.  Stacia and I did a bit of baking. Mostly, we wanted an excuse to crank the music loud and spend some time together in the kitchen.

I tried TWO "peanut" brittle recipes and am not thrilled with any of it at this point. 

We couldn't seem to contain our excitement any longer and so we headed into Anchorage early. We stopped in Eagle River for a bite of dinner and to meet up with these three Gherkins. It's always fun to hear their stories. Jamin's real estate business is taking off and Jared started a new job this week. Josiah has continual adventures managing property in a rough area of Anchorage. 

We arrived about 40 minutes early to the airport. We settled in at Cinnabon to wait for Krista's arrival. What fun to run into Alicia for the first time since moving to Alaska. Her daughter was coming in on the same flight. Alicia and I were serving on regional/international PWOC boards in the same years. She lives out in the Valley too - I didn't snap a selfie.  I was hiding in the tree to see how long it would take Krista to find us - but Michael sort of stands out. LOL

Look at the world of yumminess Krista brought with her. Two of them are for Larissa. 

Krista and Maria, her roommate and one of my gals from Beale AFB,  visited a Christmas store in TN. Krista picked up this darling ornament. I cut off the bottom, (had our last name on it),  but it has all 9 children listed. She couldn't add spouses and grands as 9 was the biggest they made. Michael and I are far from the "empty canoe" syndrome at this point - but we didn't all fit on the one tree. 

I received notice the things I ordered weeks ago will arrive Jan 2nd. Go Prime! It's a good thing we don't open Christmas gifts on the 25th of Dec. No stress. Just fun and celebrating Jesus' advent. I pray you are having a good week as well.

Sunrise at 10:14 a.m. Sunset at 3:33 p.m.  (5 hours and 19 minutes of light)