Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photobucket Friday - Saturday

Friday was typical. Produce co-op and then PWOC project night. It was a fun night. There were only 3 of us, so instead of me bringing dinner in, we simply walked to Subway.

This a.m. was a Chaplain's Spouse breakfast. Fun. We didn't realize we had occupied the table for 2.5 hours. We plan to do this monthly.

I headed to the library after breakfast and worked on lesson plans for our upcoming school week. I also scanned the shelves for books on the voting process. I'm finding that it will be very necessary to narrow our focus. I really don't WANT or NEED to do a study on Presidents...I need to stay focused on the election process, the right and responsiblity to vote, the mechanics of the party system and electoral college. I'm working on a post that lists all the great resources folks have shared, and things I've found.

Bre called while I was in the library. That was funny. I hid in the bathroom and tried to talk until someone was waiting to get in. The library has a new system now that flags you when you have more than 50 books checked out. I was shocked. The lady told me, "you must never have had 50 books out before."

I replied, "I'm a homeschooler. I've had way more books out than this at a time."

The she admitted that the rule has been 50, but they haven't been able to track it until they got this new system. I never knew the rule. I had to put some books back to get my limit to 50.

I felt ill and came home.

I spent the afternoon sleeping. Mike took the kids to a local park. Then he took them to a local school to fly a kite. They came home, bathed, watched an Adventure in Odysesy and are in bed.

That's our rousing weekend.

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