Friday, September 21, 2007


We have produce again! Yippee! I think numbers are going back up after the summer and we'll soon be back into a nice groove. Michael took Jared to visit our new doc on base.

Michael had wanted to take me out today. He's going to be gone next week. We agreed to lunch. We decided to load all the boxes from produce co-op and Shop Natural co-op into the back of the van and stop at the recycling center. Stacia noted we were going to leave. She started saying, "Daddy, Please I come. Please I come, Daddy"......she went out on a date with us. LOL We used to go out alone one week, take a child out the next week, go out alone again, and then double date....guess we are sliding back into that. She was a doll at the restaurant and we had a good laugh. We had a LOT of folks stop to tell us how darling she was, most smiling very widely and sweetly at us. It was apparent that all thought we were a sweet older couple who had FINALLY had a child in our old age. ::snort:: Same child - vastly different reaction when they see us all out together. ::snort::

JAMIN and JOSIAH are both home tonight. Jamin made pizza. I lucked out again. The guys went to watch the homecoming football game for the team that Jamin played for a few years ago. I spent my time putting unit 1 into sheet protectors and getting ready for my weekly lesson planning session.

YES, our new TOG arrived! The map aids are back ordered - bummer - I really need those. The Writing Aids look great. Michael is looking forward to the Pop Quiz.....there is a weekly audio portion - 15 minutes for him to listen to and he'll know what we are all studying. There are also cards with questions for each level per week - conversation starters. The only thing "off" is that we got two unit 1 lap book kits instead of one of unit 1 and unit 2. LOL We had decided we want to work on ONE as a family and not separate ones. I'll call the company on Monday.

Hogan's Heroes is about to begin. I'm off.
Thursday - BUSY

We went to our local nature center. Jared found out that what he thought was a garter snake when he was mowing was a baby rattler! God help us. They had baby pythons. They fed the snakes. They EAT mice and I was totally sickened and grossed out....but Zander and Nolan held the snakes. ARGH. We used a gal of antibacterial stuff when we left....lots of strange insects and critters.

We had one hour between the center and getting Jamin and Jared to HoF.

I usually use the 3 hours while the boys are at HoF to let the littles play while I make phone calls. Yesterday, we did school. We watched a DVD on King Tut.

I made Parmesan rice to go along with our crock pot chicken. I also made Jodi's pull apart rolls and a salad. I'll use the left over chicken tonight with the left over BBQ sauce from earlier in the week to make a BBQ chicken pizza - my favorite. "They" like ham and pineapple...reminds I'd best pick up some of that deli turkey ham today when picking up the produce order....

And that reminds me that I have 20 minutes before I have to do that and I've not set up tables and baskets. ::snort:: The day is off and running! No pictures or links because - one I forgot the card for the Nikon and two - I'm running late. LOL