Saturday, June 02, 2007


I slept good last night. I rarely takes meds other than my Synthroid. Deja was convinced that taking liquid Benadryl would help. Since I am still itching (1/2 of us are better and 1/2 are better but still itchy), I wanted to try it. I slept. I took the lowest adult dose and it knocked me out and helped with itching. Thanks Deja. Arielle and I took doses today too.

I woke up bright and early and headed for the yearly Parish Advisory Council Planning meeting at the chapel. Hoot! Hoot! This is NOT my favorite meeting of the year, but really it was painless. I've been at bases where this was a weekend retreat or 3 Saturday ordeal. Our group is great. No haggling. Some questions but really all focused on working as a team to come up with a budget that will help us fulfill our goals and mission on base. We had breakfast, lunch and were out of there by 1:00. Impressive. Our Sr. Protestant is a keeper - and I get to go home with him. LOL

Mike took me out to Coldstone on the way home. WHEW!

We got home and I was exhausted - I think more from the Benadryl than any lingering blood count....Stacia was sleeping. Mike took all the rest to the base's pool at the lake. They had a great time. They've been wanting to go all week but I wasn't pool ready. Josiah's been working all day. Jamin worked about 5 hours. I napped with Stacia.

Bre called. We discussed lots of things - including my chore card system. ::snort::

I had a few minutes before the family got home so I skimmed SHS mail and checked out Sidetracked Home Executives. I'm guessing that since I bought the book 16 years ago MAYBE they have some computer programs or something by now. I didn't get much time to look before....

the family returned home and we discovered a dead dove in the kids' pool. ARGH. Off to Sam's we went to buy bleach (for the pool) and milk (for the children). We checked out laptops - we bought the girls each a laptop when they graduated and need to do that for Josiah too. They gave us a free chicken - did you know they do that at closing time? I think that's the polite way of saying "Don't you think you should leave already?" LOL