Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bella's First Saturday

She has stolen our hearts! Bella sports the hat Auntie Stacia knitted for her and one of the outfits we purchased.

All her little systems began working well today - and just look at those bright eyes.

Tea, Walks and Advice

We left the horse show early because Beth (Nadia, Elizabeth - Nate and Heather's daughter, our niece) is in town for the weekend. Krista joined us for a tea party at Moms.  We were surprised to see that Stacia has gotten taller than Beth. 
Beth and Stacia
 It was great to have an hour or so to catch up! 
Mom, Lorri (cousin), Sam, Beth, Stacia, Krista

I got a text from Michael at 4 something asking me how things were going. He needed to run to an RV supply store. We ran back to the Caboose and I crashed.  This is what you do if you LOVE Monopoly and can't get anyone to play with you.

Saturday's are breakfast for dinner night - per Nolan's suggestion and the ratification of the remaining Gherkins.  Michael and I went for a walk around the campground after dinner. We stopped to help a lady who is having odd electrical issues with her trailer. She was excited to hear we'd be camp hosts in ID this summer.....she DID say we'll be the youngest camp hosts they have and not to be alarmed if our poker partners go face down. Um......armed with this advice I guess we're ready to host. 

Harmony Rides Again

Stacia and I were up at the showers at  0730 to make sure we would be ready and across town by 0900. A slight course adjustment found us at the old barn where Will used to board his horses as a child. Today we came to watch his granddaughter, Harmony, compete. Harmony began lessons at 4 and at 6 was the youngest one competing in English riding. She also competed in Western riding, but we had to leave before we could watch that.

Pattern Work 

Harmony and Stacia
It's amazing to watch Harmony on the big horses. She's six now, can you imagine her at 4?  She has a great time with them.

Sherri, Harmony and Will

Ribbons when we left
Harmony's totals for the day: three 1sts, one 2nd, one 3rd, one 4th and two reserved. AND she had a great time, built confidence and excitement to continue lessons! Win, win, win! 
Wow - today's haul!
It was a blast to be part of Harmony's first horse show! We saw a house I'd love to buy as we drove out, too! LOL No, we aren't ready to settle down....but it is a beautiful home!