Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Let's see...what DID we do today?

I worked out. We read a LOT about Israel from some books I found at the library. I paid bills. Josiah was off at 3 p.m. I ran to Wal-mart for essentials: new clothes for Arielle, new jeans for me, a few groceries and dog food. I ran to Sam's Club for milk - it is way cheaper there than anywhere else. Somehow I lost my Sam's Card. They informed me that I have a Sam's Discover that is supposed to be my new card. What do you know? Here in an envelope.....I do NOT remember asking for this card but Josiah informs me that one time we were in there they asked me and I said "OK"....guess I was distracted and trying to get out of the store???? Now what to do....

We had dinner. Contrary to the proposed menu in the sidebar - I bought the kids a "party size" pan of lasagna. Wow - folks must have small parties these days. I know bad mommy!!! Zander doesn't eat and I figured the rest of them could handle fake food once in a while...it did say in BIG LETTERS "no preservatives" on the box. LOL

I talked with a couple of folks about produce co-op. I should begin working on the newsletter, but probably won't.

I FINALLY began work on the boys' "curriculum worksheet" and "summary sheet"...things that NARHS needs. It really isn't a huge problem...but I should get it done in the fall and here it is FEBRUARY! I moved it from the important list to the urgent list. It was 70* or more today but I REFUSED to be lured to the park until I get this done!

Josiah was home tonight, and he won't be home on Movie Night, so we pretended we were the "TAF" (typical American family) or "SAF" (standard American family) and watched "TV". We watched an episode of "Mork and Mindy" and one of "Hogan's Heroes".