Monday, April 10, 2023

First Spring Walk

We have had a bug in our home the past couple of weeks. It hit me hard last week...and I only went out when essential - and spent the rest of the time sleeping and reading...but TODAY I woke up without a sore throat, with manageable sniffles AND with energy. I jumped right into a few daily intentions I had not been able to do in the last week...a few simple arm weights, a couple of miles on the treadmill and tonight I'm blogging!  I had worked out and had Dad up, showered and ready for breakfast by 0830.  

I had plans for lunch with Lindsey, but the bug has hit their home and changed our plans.  With a couple of extra hours in the schedule, I decided to prep what I could for dinner early, as I've noted my energy often disappears by evening. I made a giant pot of cauliflower/broccoli soup. I cooked chicken and steamed more broccoli for dinner. I steamed rice. 

I hadn't seen Stacia all day. I called her. I asked if she and Millie would like to accompany me for a quick trip around Reflection Lake. I know it's been snowing...but we have been cooped up for so many days. LOL We headed out. Our first spring walk...and um...we need to remember a warm hat, gloves and probably some sort of animal spray on the next walk. 

It felt WONDERFUL to be outside! Spring really IS coming! The sun is rising at 6:50 a.m. and setting after 9 p.m. Winter doesn't seem to want to give up - but MAYBE the last two days of snow will be the last of winter? 

It felt GREAT to get another mile in this afternoon. That took today's total to 3.75 miles. I didn't get any miles in last week. I have a goal to walk at least 7 miles a week - 300 miles by the end of the year (set the goal in March). 

When we got home there was a truck in our driveway that wasn't one of ours! Krista had been out in the valley visiting. We were happy to see her. She travels an incredible amount. She was home last week and will be leaving again on Sunday.  I was SO glad I'd prepped dinner. We were able to throw together a chicken divan and have it in the oven in no time. We visited while it baked and then she and Alex both joined us for dinner. I was able to send her home with some soup to enjoy this week. 

And now, everyone is settling in for the evening. Nolan and Allie are working. Alex is fighting off earth's invasion. Michael and Stacia are reading. I'll join them when I'm done here. 

Chickens & Snow

I can usually open the side door and the girls RUSH outside. Today, I opened the side door, and when they didn't push their way out I opened the main door of the coop.  OK - they're all fine - they just are DONE with the snow. I understand. 

A few brave gals ventured out and quickly pushed their way back up the ramp. 

 I understand. I am done with the snow as well. The spring will eventually come, there will be green in our lives again.