Monday, July 13, 2009

Safety First - More Prayer Needed

I keep remembering Rose's advice to remember Safety First...."Bend your knees before you bang your head against the wall." ::snort::

The Sgt who is handling my case is NOT returning my phone calls. He gave me an incomplete address to have our birth certificates shipped to...and now they are all being sent back. I have talked to UPS and they can't do a thing....other than send them back. I would think they could have tried a bit harder to find the "suite" number that was ask at the Customer Service desk...but I DID give them an incomplete address as that is what was provided to me. After having tried 2 days to reach the Sgt, I finally sent an email to the First Sgt who met our kids outside an office in McChord and told them to have me call him anytime I needed help. He has called to say that the Sgt will be contacting me shortly.

Seattle office has said they'll work with me to get tourist passports, but I NEED the birth certificates.

The First Sgt just called and is trying to help. He's going to call me by late morning tomorrow. The prayer is simply that the birth certificates are delivered to McChord. THEN they'll apply for military and I'll go back to Seattle and stay until I can get tourist passports and leave.

Another prayer request - Mike leaves tomorrow.

The girls are looking for jobs.

Choosing Joy!
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