Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Morning Drive

By Michael

Interesting drive in this am. Turned onto A Rd, drove about a quarter mile, and came across an accident. Two vehicles were in the ditch on the right side. The farther vehicle was at 90 degrees to the other with its nose in the ditch. Saw a young man out in the roadway talking on his cell phone. He was bleeding around his mouth. No emergency vehicles were present, but there was a vehicle ahead of us with the woman driver out of the vehicle. 

We got out to see how everyone was doing. The young man was not doing particularly well, but he was functioning. I then found out that the other guy was still in the other vehicle - untended. I ran up to check on him and found him totally unresponsive slumped over on his right side. The right side of the vehicle was caved in to within a foot of the center console or where the center console should have been. The side airbag was deployed. He was breathing, and there were only minor cuts from flying glass - no real bleeding. He had to be not older than 20 years old.

 De'Etta was calling 911
 because the first guy was trying to call his dad instead of 911 - he was much more banged up than he appeared -adrenalin and shock being what they are. 

The second guy finally started to awaken, but he was delirious. His right shoulder was causing him a great pain. I kept him still and in place. The ambulance showed up a few minutes later. I was glad to do a hand off with the paramedics. He was really hurting.

Then the dad showed up... "LOOK AT MY +^#%*^€£#]\+*¥!?#% TRUCK. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY TRUCK?" Not a good fatherly moment. This kid was really shaken up; he had done everything right. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

I did not get their names, but your prayers are appreciated. God knows...

De'Etta note - we did give them our name and number and continue to pray for the trauma of all involved.  This brought home to me again how much more important relationships and people are than things.